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If You Want To Build A Brand That Gets 100 Sales Per Day & Has A Significant Exit, Then The One Percent Is Your Next Step…

We Will Help You Launch 4 Products, Get Them To 25 Sales Per Day, & Consistently Make 100 Sales Per Day…

99% of businesses never cross $1 million. We’re here to help you be the 1%. We can help you leverage our “3G System” to launch your brand, get it to 100 sales per day, and have a business you can sell… all without compromising your current business.

Here Are A Few Entrepreneurs Who Used The “100 Sales Per Day Playbook” To Build Million Dollar Brands:

Leah McHenry

This homeschooling mom and One Percent member launched her business and scaled it to $2.5M in just 15 months following The Perfect Business Model. 

Inside the community, she's shared her journey of growing her "fun hobby" to an in-demand brand with raving fans who are excited to buy from her. 

AJ Patel

AJ has been a close personal friend to Ryan Daniel Moran for 7 years now and they've grown together and leaders and investors in the business world.

Hear how AJ started his first brand in the early days of, and the path that led to his biggest exit yet: $610M

Jared Springer

Jared Springer was literally bankrupt and crippled a few years ago when he discovered our strategy for building seven figure businesses. Within just a few years, Jared not only built a successful business, but he rebuilt his life.

Jared then sold his business for a seven-figure payday, and he went on to publish his first book, "I"ll Be Happy When."

Leah & David Cupps

One Percent community member Leah Cupps quit her job to build brands full time following the Perfect Business Model. Just two years later, she retired her husband, David.

Not long after retiring her husband, they sold their first two brands for a 7 figure payday.

But they didn't stop there! With their love of building brands, they started 3 new brands the very next day after their first two sold. 

Chad Maghiesle

Chad started his pet supplies brand with just $3k that he put on his credit card. A bet on himself that would lead to a multi-million dollar payday just a few short years later. 

Hear how Chad built and scaled his brand for a life changing exit in just 3 years. 

Mike Viskovich

Mike started his company as a side project to work on during his free time. But when he lost his job, he knew it was time to go all in on his brand.

Though sales started slow, Mike continued to put in the work and build his brand.  Now they do nearly $400k in monthly sales with no signs of slowing down.

Gemma & Georgie

Against everyone's advice, these sisters decided to start a brand in an incredibly crowded niche, a niche they were also incredibly passionate about. 

Just 12 months after starting their brand and following The Perfect Business Model, the duo celebrated $1M in sales.

Jason Franciosa

Ready to give up on his entrepreneurial dreams and "get a real job", Jason decided to give it one last shot. 

Following the teachings of the team, Jason and his partner started what would grow to be one of the biggest brands in their industry. 

Jason now serves as a head coach inside of our community while continuing to grow his brand to nearly 8 figures in sales. 

Jeremiah Klingman

After attending one of Ryan's workshops at just 17 years old, Jeremiah quickly took action and launched his lifestyle brand. 

Following The Perfect Business Model, Jeremiah scaled and sold his brand for a $4M payday before he could buy his first legal drink!

Roxelle Cho

Roxelle started her swim-ware brand where many great brands do: in her garage. 

After amassing a loyal community of superfans though, she quickly outgrew sewing in her garage and scaled beyond 7-figures. 

Drs. Travis & Jenna Zigler

This duo was making a healthy income as practicing optometrists. But they felt like something was missing. So, they decided to go after their entrepreneurial dream and help others in a more meaningful way. Their focus? Serving dry eye sufferers. They were already selling a dry eye product in their practices. But they knew they could create a better, more affordable version. 

In the process, they also became experts in Amazon PPC and have begun helping other brands to scale. Just a few years later, after hitting a $6 million run rate, they had a life changing exit.

Hanny Sunarto

In three years, Hanny grew NeatPack to a 7-figure business based on the philosophy “to spend time traveling, not packing.” The company offers high-quality travel products focused on durability, functionality and innovative designs. In late 2017, she worked out a deal with Ryan to bring him on as an investor and advisor before having a significant exit.

Matt Fichtner

Matt first launched TakeFlight, which features unique products explicitly curated for

adventurous men, in 2017. Playing off his 11 year background in the United States Marine Corps, Matt’s first products were items he liked and would put to personal use. In less than two years he was generating a six-figure income in his spare time.

Leah Boomsma

Leah is a practicing attorney and mom to four kids. For her, one airplane flight changed everything. Like many moms of toddlers, Leah turned to those convenient squeezy foods for on the go. And like many moms, she (and everyone in her row on the plane) ended up covered in applesauce. Unlike most moms, Leah decided to do something about it and created the Flipping Holder as a solution. She got it patented and started selling it… a little.

A few years later, Leah read 12 Months to $1 Million after a friend recommended it to her as a guide for scaling from the $3K per month plateau she’d hit. From there on, she had months with a nice spike in sales following some customers’ product review videos going live, but since she’d skipped the crucial first step of focusing on her “person” it was slow going. She joined the Capitalism Incubator in October 2021 and in February 2022, celebrated crossing $1M in sales for the past 12 months.

Travis Killian

Travis is the co-owner of Upper Echelon Products. With a customer-first mentality from the very beginning, Travis has gone on to launch seven successful brands with multiple top-selling Amazon products mentioned by the likes of Good Morning America and Kendall Jenner. Determined to solve people’s problems without cutting corners, Travis shares that the secret to his success is, “we always think about the customer.”

There’s a reason Ryan calls Travis the best marketer alive today.

Alicia Reynoso

Alicia started early on Amazon as a product seller. She and her partner would use popular tools to discover potentially profitable products they could sell. They tried strategy for a while, but Alicia soon discovered that their guessing game was not working so well. That’s when she got serious about figuring out who “her person” was and how to serve them on their journey. To gather this intel and begin to serve on a whole new level, Alicia launched and ran a series of 10 60-day challenges on Facebook. The strategy worked beautifully, and not long afterward, Alicia had a very nice 7-figure exit. 

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We Will Help You Launch 4 Products, Get Them To 25 Sales Per Day, & Consistently Make 100 Sales Per Day…

99% of businesses never cross $1 million. We’re here to help you be the 1%. We will help you leverage our “3G System” to get your brand to 100 sales per day. You will have your first $10k launch, get to 100 sales per day, and get to your first $100k month.

At, we’re ALL IN on entrepreneurs. We’ve seen what smart entrepreneurs can accomplish. They take ownership of problems, they create solutions, and they serve the global community. All while creating the kind of wealth that changes lives.

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