"Discover The Most Overlooked (and fastest) Way To Acquire Passive Income Streams In 90 Days Or Less..."

Skip The Start-Up Grind And Become a Business Buying “Cash Flow Tycoon” Instead---without ever risking a single cent of your savings...

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In this one-of-a-kind training you’ll…

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Dear One-Percenter,

Since you’ve found your way to this page, I’m going to assume you like the idea of skipping the start-up grind phase of building a business… and you’re intrigued by the idea that you can buy an already profitable business.

If I’m right, then you’re going to love “Cash Flow Tycoon”.

What is Cash Flow Tycoon?

It’s a deeper dive into the business buying strategies, tools, and resources Shakil Prasla uses to find, evaluate, close, and grow businesses for amazing cash flow.

It’s the same strategies he’s used to acquire over $25 million in cash flow without the hassle of starting a business.

It’s how you can own a business and start getting paid from day one.

If that sounds like something you want to know more about, here’s what you’ll get when you invest in yourself and buy Cash Flow Tycoon today…

Module 1

Why Buy a Turnkey Business Instead of Starting From Scratch

Discover 5 reasons why buying your next business is faster, less risky and allows you to pump out cash flow from day verses starting from scratch.

Module 2

How and Where To Find The Best Deals Month After Month

Accelerate growth potential by learning to spot and capitalize on opportunities that align with you skills and resources. 

Module 3

Deal or Dud? Don't Guess. Use Proven Deal Structures That Make This Deal is The Right Deal For YOU

How to keep a cool head, ask tough questions, and grease the wheels for a smooth acquisition. Plus 8 clearly defined action steps anyone can use to KNOW this is the right deal, or not.

Module 4

10 Ways You Can Get The Cash to Fund Your Next Deal--even if you've never raised a cent in your life

If the deal is good, money should never be a problem. And it won’t be with these 10 ways to fund your first, or next, deal.

Module 5

How To Ensure That Your First Deal Is A Six-Figure Slam Dunk

With this 9 step checklist, you can rest assured you’re getting a great business with lots of room for growth. And if there’s hidden trouble, what you learn in this module will help you flush it out BEFORE you finalize your deal.

Module 6

Done-For-You Business Templates That Keep Money In Your Pocket and Your Ass Out Of Jail

Contracts serve as an insurance policy on the back end of your deal, if and when times get a little iffy. They help you mediate disputes, find solutions, and protect you from future adversities you may not see right now. As a Cash Flow Tycoon buyer, you’ll get $5,000 worth of business acquisition contract templates you can use as a starting point for your legal team and save thousands of dollars in the process. 

Module 7

JUMPSTART: Exactly What to Do Your First 30/60/90 Days To Practically Guarantee Success

You own a new business… Congrats! Now what!? Get the “lessons-learned-the-hard-way” of what you'll want to do (and NOT do) in the first 90 days, broken into 30-day periods.

Module 8

Wash, Rinse, and Repeat

Discover how to do it all over again...and why it actually gets easier (and potentially more profitable) with each company you add to your portfolio.

Each module includes a training video and an action guide to make sure you’ve got what you need to find, research, and close your first deal… and many more to follow.

About Your Trainer

Meet Shakil

“Pioneers get slaughtered. Settlers prosper.”

It always surprises me that more people don’t just buy businesses.

The reality is, growing an established business may be much easier than starting from scratch. Like the saying goes, “Pioneers get slaughtered. Settlers prosper.”

Cash Flow Tycoons learn how to acquire businesses and hit the ground running.

It’s the difference between buying a kit to build a big ship… and buying one that’s already cruising along out at sea… often with a crew… and established trade routes that bring in cash from day one.

Your job is to simply use your skills, connections, and resources to make everything work just a little better. And because you are the type of person who could start a business (or has already) then you’ll see how those skills translate instantly to an already existing business.

In fact, you may find your skill set is BETTER for existing businesses than it is for the start-up grind.

So, if you’ve been looking for a new approach to building businesses and creating cash flow, then learning to become a Cash Flow Tycoon might be exactly what you’ve been looking for but didn’t know existed.

Not Sure If Cash Flow Tycoon Is For You?
No worries, It’s Guaranteed for a Full Year…

We’re really proud of this course at Capitalism.com.

Shakil knows his stuff. He’s got that rare blend of being able to do and teach this material.

So here’s the deal…

If you’re willing to do the work… to follow directions… to get a little uncomfortable… then I believe you can make this business model work. And by work I mean create whatever life you want now and in the future.

In fact, I’m so certain that this course gives you what you need to find and close your first few deals, that I’m willing to back it with a 365 day money back guarantee.

If at the end of 365 days you’ve not found at least one deal worth buying, and gone through the steps to make that deal happen, then I’ll give you back every dime you paid for this course.

All I ask is you keep some notes, complete the worksheets in the course, keep a record of your contacts during the year.

In other words, I’m happy to guarantee the information in the course if you’re willing to show me that you TOOK ACTION on the information.

If this is just a pipe dream for you and you know you won’t even take action and at least try, then don’t buy the course.

Sure we’ll make a few bucks when you buy the course. But you’ll have the opportunity to completely and radically transform your life IF you do the work and apply what you learn.

So while our upside is set at the price of the course, your upside is infinite. And that’s exactly how it should be.

One last thing...

Exclusive Discount Enrollment for Members of The One Percent

Because you are a member of The One Percent, you get special member pricing.

In fact, you’re going to pay about half of what this course will retail for on our website when we launch it to the public.

Non-member pricing is set at $999. And considering this course teaches you how to buy cash flow, that’s a steal.

But you won’t pay $999.

Instead, as a loyal member of The One Percent, your investment for this course is…

Just $499 for Lifetime Access

That’s right, just $499 (50% OFF) for the course and the $5,000 worth of extras Shakil put together for you. Extras like…

  • Pre-Negotiated Deals on Due Diligence Services with Shakil’s Prefered Provider which include...
    • Deal Closing Failure Protection
    • Buyer’s Mastermind: FREE 3 month membership with peer-group of buyers who meet monthly to share what’s working, and what’s not, when buying online businesses.
  • Contract Templates prepared by Shakil’s preferred law group.
  • Shakil’s #1 Contact for Deal Financing which includes...
    • Free Unlimited Business Acquisition Financing Consultation
    • Free Buyer Loan Pre-Qualification and Unlimited Business Pre-Qualifications

These extras will save you time, money and a whole lot of frustration.

In short, when you enroll today you’re getting everything you need to find, fund, and finalize as many deals as you can handle.