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We invest into private companies to provide them with infrastructure and capital, we advise them to grow their revenues and profits, and we build toward a sizable exit

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The purpose of this page is to provide a resource to you as you evaluate this potential opportunity. You will be provided with information detailing the specifics of investment requirements, return projections, and the various potential factors that could influence the outcome of an investment.

Who do we invest in?

We invest in the most fun opportunities in the world - proven yet early-stage entrepreneurs. Due to our work at, we maintain a steady flow of passionate and hungry entrepreneurs who understand the value of strategic partnership.

What will we be doing?

Why now?

How will we grow the brands?

and much more...

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Meet The Team

Ryan Moran

Founder and CEO LLC

Strategic Partner​

Samuel Prentice​

Financial Adviso​r

Return Modeling

We believe that this offering provides are unique opportunity to passively invest in a diversified portfolio of e-commerce companies with significant upside potential.

Using *conservative projections, we modeled out the potential for returns based on a $100,000 investment.

Growth Numbers represent average year over year growth. Total returns are modeled based on the net to investor after GP expenses and split.

Average Growth

Total Returns: $158,850

Target IRR = 9.84%

Average Growth

Total Returns: $236,050

Target IRR = 18.74%

Average Growth

Total Returns: $349,600

Target IRR = 28.45%

*Conservative Assumption are based on:

1.) A loss rate of 50% for all capital brought into the fund.
2.) A 5 year hold period with no distributions made prior.
3.) There is no factoring for an increase in business multiple at time of sale from the multiple we paid at acquisition.

Please Note: Actual returns will vary. You could lose some or all of your investment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Any individuals, companies, or retirement account that qualifies as an accredited investor as defined in 17 CFR § 230.215 of the Securities act.

We are targeting physical products businesses that have proven distribution of their product to a loyal audience. We are looking at primarily business with about 1 Million in gross revenue. These business typically have the greatest untapped potential, which benefits the business in that we can grow them faster than they would grow alone, and the capital partners as we are able to buy at a discount, accelerate growth with proper infrastructure, and exit as a larger company commanding a higher multiple.

As with any asset, the biggest factors are always supply and demand. As the long term trend of e-commerce sales continues to accelerate, we want to position ourselves to take advantage of the constantly fragmenting marketplace. Brands that are driven by strong entrepreneurs, are in a market that we believe has evergreen potential, and have good brand to consumer relationships are poised to take advantage of the overall buying trends in an exponential fashion.

We anticipate making quarterly distributions to any fund profits in excess of reserves according to the pro-rata investment made by each investor. However, this is primarily an equity investment with the majority of profits being derived from the sale of the acquired company shares. In the event of a sale of the asset, distributions would be made according to ownership and preferred return hurdle (if applicable) within 60 days of the close of the sale. Quarterly reporting of portfolio performance will also be made available to each investor.

As with any private investment in the e-commerce sector, this investment should be considered risky, with the possibility that you could lose some or all of your money. Before considering an investment, you should review carefully the risks outlined on this page as well as the risks disclosed in our Investor Disclosure Document.

The minimum investment for both individuals and IRA’s will be $100,000. We are expecting to raise approximately $5,000,000 for this offering.

We believe there is significant upside potential in this specific offering. This is an incredibly unique offering where a fund partner has access to preferentially advantaged deal flow in an asset class that inherently has significant upside potential. By buying at the optimal time, we are able to participate in the most drastic growth times of these developing companies, and take advantage of the increased sale multiple at time of exit.

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Ryan Moran

Ryan Moran is the Founder and CEO of, a platform that educates and inspires entrepreneurs to build and invest the profits.

Prior to founding, Ryan built an e-commerce company from a $600 investment into an 8 figure exit 4 years later.

Since then he has spent his time pouring into his community of largely e-commerce based entrepreneurs to equip them with the tools necessary for exponential growth.

This has led to an engaged and loyal audience. Ryan's podcast and YouTube channel currently reach tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, giving him unique access to deal flow and strategic relationships.​​

Founded by Ryan Moran, has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses by providing information, connections, coaching, exposure, and capital to promising entrepreneurs all over the world.

Samuel Prentice

Samuel Prentice is a third-generation entrepreneur and investor from Oklahoma City with more than a decade of experience in the financial services industry. Samuel has a passion for mentoring and equipping entrepreneurs and investors in the most effective strategies and methodologies for building wealth.

He's been actively serving the Capitalism Community since 2016 and helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and investors keep more of the wealth they've created. In working with private clients and business owners, Samuel has developed a variety of strategic relationships for efficiently building and scaling businesses.