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You're Getting  The Millionaire Class ($5,000), 6-Figures in 6 Months ($6,000), & Warren Buffett Business Buying ($1997) Courses... ALL FREE...

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YES! I’m ready to stop playing this game alone. I want access to the best advice to help me build a business, generate passive income, and reduce my taxes. I want to connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs who are committed to freedom, and I want to be part of a platform that supports entrepreneurs like me.
The One Percent is our community of capitalists focused on building businesses, investing the profits, and creating the change they want to see in the world. 

It includes all of our courses including The Millionaire Class ($5,000 FREE , 6-Figures in 6 Months ($6,000 FREE), and Warren Buffett Business Buying ($1997 FREE)

Plus... ongoing monthly lessons from world class instructors, LIVE Q&A calls, a monthly subscription newsletter full of case studies, new opportunities, and other surprises that equip you to build what you want to build, invest the profits, and ultimately empower you to create the change you want to see in your world. 

As a member of The One Percent community, you'll also know exactly what's working right now to:

- Build a bigger, more profitable business you can sell for millions
- Pay fewer taxes along the way AND when you sell
- Invest the profits for generational wealth so you never HAVE to work again

...and create the change you want to see in the world. 

Keep reading for more specifics about the courses, trainings, and resources you get access to as an active community member... 
Bonus 3: Exclusive Millionaire Interview Series:  Yes, the information that you are about to acquire has been responsible for creating over 100 millionaires and counting. Inside of your members area, you will meet some of them and discover what took them from zero to over one million, so you can implement their strategies. 

2 Payments of $1100
“Entrepreneurs are the only source of consistent positive human evolution, and we always will be.” 
- Alex Charfen

"If you're doing this alone, you're doing it wrong. You're making it a lot harder than it needs to be."
- Geoff Woods
Here's What You'll Get Each Month:
  • WHAT’S WORKING RIGHT NOW: Every Month, You’ll Discover What Is Working Right Now Through Our Physical Newsletter, And Monthly Lessons With Experts Throughout Our Industry. This Way You Stay Ahead Of Competition, Get A Head Start On Investments and Business Strategies, And Take Advantage Of New Opportunities Before Everyone Else… $1,188 / Year Value  
  • FRONT-ROW ACCESS TO NEW OPPORTUNITIES: Never Be “Late To The Party Again.” Each Month, You’ll See Our Favorite New Ideas Or Niche Markets That Could Become Your Next Million Dollar Idea… $1,000 / Year Value
  • CASE STUDIES & IDEAS YOU CAN STEAL: Don’t Figure It Out On Your Own - Copy What Is Already Working! Each Month, Discover How Others Are Creating Wealth, Earning Extra Profits, Beating Competitors, and Generating NEW Income… So You Copy Every Inside Tip… - $2,364 / Year Value
“Hard work with the wrong philosophy still equals bankruptcy.”
- Garret Gunderson
You'll Also Get Over $14,000--and counting--Worth of Bonuses!
  • Bonus 1: Six Figures Per Month in Six Months - $6,000 Value: How To Pass $100k/MO On Amazon Without Dropping Your Prices, Using Blackhat Tricks, Or Begging Your Customers For Reviews!
  • Bonus 2: THE MILLIONAIRE CLASS - $5,000 Value: Discover How To Create Wealth On Demand And Turn It Into Passive Income… In As Little As 30 Days!

    This 10-Part Class Reveals The Email Sequence That Generates Over $1m In Sales Per Year… PLUS The Compounding Dividend Cash Flow Machine… AND The Legal “Insurance Tax Loophole” That Allows You To “Sock Away” Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars Each Year Without EVER Paying Tax On It… 
  • Bonus 3: Warren Buffett Business Buying Masterclass - $997 Value: Rather Than Start Businesses From Scratch, The Rich Buy And Sell Already-Profitable Businesses… This 4-Part Class Will Teach You How To Scoop Up New Profit Streams, Often With Little-Or-No-Money.
Plus... You're Getting Immediate Access To ALL Past "Six-Figure Shift" Lessons... FREE.
  • THE OVERLOOKED “INTERNET CASH FLOW MACHINE” - Did You Know That One Internet Strategy Consistently Generates Up To 15 - 47% ROI Per Year… While Eliminating $50,000 - $500,000 Of Your Tax Bill IMMEDIATELY? Discover How To Use This Little-Known Strategy To Quickly Create Predictable Cash Flow While Eliminating Taxes. VALUE: Priceless
  • HOW TO GET PAID UP FRONT IN THE MARKET WITHOUT BUYING ANY STOCK - Did You Know That You Can Profit From Stock… Without Ever Buying A Thing? This Secret “Naked Puts” Trading Strategy Pays You UP FRONT For Each Transaction… Whether You Buy The Stock Or Not… Creating Up To An “Extra” 24% Per Year Or More. VALUE: Priceless
  • WEALTH THAT NEVER WASTES AWAY - What Investment Goes UP, And Never Goes Down? This “Too Good To Be True” Strategy Is Referenced By Tony Robbins In “Money: Master The Game,” And It’s The Foundation Of The Rich People’s “Tax Free Wealth” Strategy… And Now, It’s Accessible To YOU! VALUE: Priceless
  • HOW TO LEGALLY PAY 0% TAX - PRICELESS: How Do The Rich Pay ZERO Taxes? You Are About To Discover The Secret Ways To “Shelter” Taxes. With These Secrets, You Might DELETE More Of Your Taxes, Or Never Pay Taxes Again… VALUE: Priceless
  • And new lessons coming every month! 
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And start thinking bigger with people who understand you, support your goals. 
...and most importantly, have already done it or are doing it.
“ people...that’s ultimately where you get fulfillment.” 
- Ezra Firestone

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“Building a company worth half a billion dollars was never a goal. I’m a creator. I just wanted to create this product. I felt compelled." 
- Suzy Batiz
I believe capitalism solves the world’s greatest problems.”
- Kimbal Musk
“I have a lot of ideas. Like most entrepreneurs. And i’m silly enough to act on them.”
- Brian Lee
“Entrepreneurs have the ability to change people’s lives more than government or anybody else.”
- Russell Brunson
“Most startups don’t need funding, they need talent.”
- Jeff Hoffman

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