If There Were a “Guaranteed” Way

To Get Rich?

This Would Be It…

(aka the only investment strategy you actually need)

Anne lived an ordinary life.

She had a modest job working for the IRS. She retired at age 51. She never got a raise and never climbed the ladder.

In 1944 she received a pension of just $3,150 per year. Over her career all she managed to save was a grand total of $5,000.

Even in 1944, that would not be considered “set” for retirement. In fact, in 2020 dollars her pension would be around $46,000. And that $5k would be a “nest egg” of around $70,000.

As I said, not exactly set.

So what? Why does some old lady from the 40’s matter to you?

Well, it matters because what she did with the modest investment is an incredible story… and proof… that if there were a “guaranteed way to get rich” what she did might just be it.

You see, by the time Anne died in 1995 she had grown her modest pension and humble nest egg into a staggering $22 million.


My Rich Friends and I Want to Reveal Anne's $22 Million "Secret Investing Strategy" to You...

Hi, I’m Ryan Daniel Moran. I’m what most folks would consider a “self-made” millionaire. And now, I spend my time buying, selling, and building companies--and teaching others to do the same.

But another thing I LOVE to do is invest.

In fact, most people don’t know this but became an entrepreneur so that I could spend more time investing!

So I’m really excited to be able to share this “secret” my friends and I use to grow our wealth.

Let me ask you…

If there was just one simple thing you need to know, in order to be a successful investor, would you want to know about it?

What if it was so simple that it could reliably be a virtually unshakeable foundation of your financial future?

And what if you could put all of your energy into your business, because you KNEW you had a proven, predictable investment strategy that would be relevant and predictable for years, even decades to come?
That’d be pretty cool, right?

Well, I believe such a strategy does exist. Anne, and thousands like her, are proof.

In short, I’m about to give you access to everything you need to know to start using the world’s most tested and proven investment strategy. One that keeps working in the background, adding income and long term wealth to your personal balance sheet month after month, year after year, through good times and “bad”.


Through Depressions, Recessions, World Wars,

and yes, Even Pandemics...

In fact, this strategy has been proven to be just as relevant, sometimes even more effective, during recessions or down periods than in the boom periods that everyone loves to talk about. 

As a result, this investment strategy allows you to relax. Some might even say have fun looking for great investments you don't need to worry about. Investments that keep performing to your expectations with about 30 minutes per month (or less) of management.

So what is this unicorn of a strategy?

IPO’s? Hell no. That’s pure gambling. 

Mutual Funds? C’mon man. How could that be fun? Plus the fees will kill you. 

Day trading? Options? No. I mean I like those as an add on strategy. But NOT as a foundational strategy. 

Nope, it’s nothing flashy like that. 

And in fact, most brokers and financial planners won’t recommend it either because they just don’t make fat commissions on this strategy. 

The only investment strategy you need to understand is investing in dividend-paying stocks. But not just any dividend paying stock will do. Because...

The Dividend Is In The Details

Here’s the thing…

It's not just as simple as Googling what dividend stocks are attractive right now. There are nuances that ensure that you do this in a smart, healthy, calculated way.

Remember Anne? The $22 million dollar office worker.

Well, she got burned in the markets during The Great Depression. So she swore she’d never turn over her financial future to someone else again. 

So as a single jewish woman living in a tiny New York apartment in the 1940’s she decided to take matters into her own hands. She started looking for companies she WANTED to own. Companies that could pay her a steady and reliable income. So she studied. She took her experience as an auditor for the IRS and applied it to checking out companies. And then invested in the ones that met her criteria. 

I’d say what she did worked… to the tune of $22 million over just five decades. And as far as I’ve been able to tell, she grew that fortune with nothing but her tiny nest egg and what little she had left over from her pension after living expenses. 

Imagine what you could do as an entrepreneur with the ability to continually grow your income!

Now, before you run off and start googling dividend paying stocks, let me ask you something...

What Do You Expect From Your Investments?

When you make an investment, what are you hoping for?

  • … Are you hoping that the company comes up with a whizzbang new invention?
  • … Are you hoping that it takes over new market share?
  • … Are you hoping that the investment grows over time?
  • … Are you hoping you’ll have a great story to tell about how you got in early?

Or instead, are you hoping that the investments you make pay you predictable cash flow, and generate long term wealth, so that you can focus on living your life and growing your business? 

If it's the latter, then understanding dividend-paying stock is likely the only investment strategy that you ever need to understand.

And all you need to understand, is:

  • when to buy
  • what to look for when you buy
  • And which companies are worth buying. 

Once you understand these three points, you'll be savvier than the average investor. 

Best of all, it'll take you 30 minutes or less per month to have a smart portfolio that gives you cashflow and grows over time. 

Here's the best part... 

How To Make Up For Lost Time And Buy Like Buffett (or Anne)...

Due to the recent coronavirus pullback, this strategy is particularly important right now. 

And I’ve put together a FREE list of companies you may want to consider right away

Yes, it really is FREE. And it’s waiting for you inside the members area of a special community we call The One Percent

More on the community and why you might want to be a member in just a minute.

First, let me tell you a bit more about this list. The list contains companies virtually anyone can buy that match our criteria. They…

  • Have paid dividends, consistently, for decades. 
  • Have solid balance sheets and healthy cash flows. 
  • And are at lower prices than they've been in years. 

This opportunity to buy amazing companies at great prices will not be around forever. In fact, they may not be around 30 days from now. 

Even so, the strategy will still work no matter what’s going on in the world. 

It’s just that right now, as you’re reading this, is the opportunity for you to make smart investments at prices that haven’t been seen in a decade or more.

It’s like jumping in your trusty Delorean time machine and buying everything at decade old prices.

If you're an entrepreneur who is tired of the stress of the month-to-month grind, and you know you need a simple investing strategy that allows you to be a fully focused, fully switched-on entrepreneur for the rest of your career. 

That’s why this month's lesson inside The One Percent might be the most important thing you read all year. 

When you test drive The One Percent this month:

  • You'll receive a special “Dividend Investing Issue” on how to find dividend-paying stocks that meet our criteria. 
  • You'll get a FREE list of companies on our watch list right now. 
  • You’ll get exclusive access to the community where we track which investments we're making right now. 
  • Plus, you’ll get our full training on finding the best dividend-paying stocks in just 15 to 30 minutes a month.


Expert #1

Nick McCullum

You'll meet Nick McCullum, a 25-year-old dividend investment pro who’s been trading since he was 18. While what he shares can in no way be considered investment advice, he did give a great overview of dividend investing as well as sharing how he goes about adding to his portfolio.

Expert #2

Matt Paulson

And Ryan will crack open a bottle of red to share (virtually) with Matt Paulson of MarketBeat.com on this month’s Wine with Wyan.

… you'll find out how you can “force” yourself to make your spare change get out there and bring home some bacon rather than sitting there doing nothing.

… you'll get a handy-dandy guide you can use to be able to spot dividend stocks worth your attention, even if you’ve never invested before.

… you'll get to know some other members of The One Percent who are building cool businesses and making a huge difference in other people’s lives.

… as always, we'll give you a business idea you can steal and make your own AND a side hustle you can do even while social distancing.

No matter what the stock market does, we're bullish on YOU and helping you thrive in every economy.

So if you’re ready to discover what might be the closest thing as a “guaranteed way to get rich” then join us inside The One Percent now…