Crush Your Creative Blocks: 3 Ways To Break Your Rut & Get New Ideas Flowing

As a creative person myself, as an entrepreneur, I often face creative blocks.

I often face points in time where I’m having to sit down and do some type of creative work, and nothing happens.

Nothing’s flowing and you’re stuck facing a blockage.

This is known as writer’s block to authors. But if you’re a creative person, if you’re an entrepreneur,
if you are an artist, if you are a designer, if you’re a writer, if you’re doing videos like this one here, you’re doing creative work.

So there’s no question you’ve had to face a point, you’ve had to do creative work, you sit down and nothing’s flowing, nothing’s happening.

It’s a very frustrating place to be. So, in this video, I give you three ways to overcome this predicament.

3 Ways to Overcome Creative Blocks

#1 – Focus.

You have to eliminate distractions. But if you are having to do creative work and you have distractions all around you, social media, your smart phone buzzing, that’s killing your creativity.

That’s killing that zone you’re trying to get into to do creative work.

So you have to eliminate those. You have to eliminate that stuff.

#2 – Change your surroundings.

I often find myself being in the office, being at home, it’s familiar territory. Sometimes you just need to break that pattern.

Get out into nature, get out into a new environment, and that can often spark that creativity that you’re looking for.

So give that a try as well.

#3 – Do it badly.

Now this is by far the most important and has made the most difference with my creative efforts, and that is this, do it badly.

What do I mean by that?

We often put this untold amount of pressure on ourselves to produce a masterpiece and that restricts the flow of creativity 100%. So to flip the script on that, do it badly.

Do the worst possible job you can. One of my very first videos on motivation, how to get motivated,
is just by acting first, before you feel that creative spark, before you feel that inspiration.

Rather than be like, “oh, I gotta produce this masterpiece, I gotta produce my greatest work ever,” it’s like, “I’m gonna do the worst possible job with this.”

That is often all that’s required to start the engine to get the creative juices flowing and before you know it you’re doing what you have to do.

You’re writing, you’re designing, the creativity is coming out of you, all because you’ve eliminated that pressure.

How to Get Rid of Creative Blocks Right Now

In summary, eliminate distractions. You’ve gotta focus. Get into a new environment. Eliminate your familiar surroundings.

Sometimes that’s enough to just kind of spark some new ideas. And number three, do things badly.

Tell yourself you’re gonna do the worst possible job, and that eliminates that pressure. That eliminates that constrictive pressure that we’re putting on ourselves to produce great creative work.

If you liked this video, if it was helpful for you, please leave a comment. And remember to stay strong.


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