How Ordinary People Are Putting a New Spin On:

Buy Low; Sell High

...without stress, struggle, or strain even when the world around them seems to be falling apart.

Dear Future One-Percenter,

There’s one business principle that allows anyone to make an extra $20, $100, $1,500, $10,000 or more. Sometimes it takes a month. And sometimes you can pocket those profits in 72 hours or less.

Sound crazy? Sound like hype? Well hold on because I’ve barely even gotten started.

Not only is the above true but...

The economy doesn’t matter, at all.

Seriously. It doesn’t matter the times we’re living in, the situation, or location.

And guess what?

Your finances don’t matter either. And neither do your experience or your age.

How’s this possible?

It’s possible because there’s one business principle that’s always proven reliable:

Now more than ever, there are needs and wants all over the world. What’s more, people are turning to the internet to get those needs and wants met online, especially during these uncertain times.

In fact, today’s technology and infrastructure allows nearly anyone to increase profit margins on BOTH the buy low side of the transaction and the sell high side of the transaction.

Scarce goods, entertainment, hobbies, and hard-to-find items are in demand. Your only job is to find them at the lowest price and fill that demand at a higher price.

There's just one problem, due to economic uncertainty, quarantines, and the health crisis, there aren't as many people supplying these items anymore. But as an entrepreneur, you know that creates an opportunity.

Demands Need Suppliers & Problems Need Solutions

Phone alcohol spray

As an entrepreneur, it means you have to get creative and when you're creative, you create change. 

This month inside The One Percent we cover how to buy low and sell high, even in uncertain times. 

You'll discover…

  • What types of products are hot right now and in high demand
  • How to find and source products that people want to sell to you at low prices
  • You'll even be solving problems by taking it off their hands.
  • Plus, you'll discover where to sell these products for maximum profits

Of course, that raíces a bit of a question for some people. Maybe you? 

The questions we hear all the time are: 

Is this unethical?
Is it wrong to buy low and sell high when people are in such need? 

Well, consider this: 

There are currently millions of people with things that they want to sell and no one seems to want to buy them. But you, with your knowledge of how to sell, can take it off their hands and sell it to those who need it or want it the most. In fact, there are people looking for these goods right now. People want to buy them!

You come in and provide an in-demand service and get paid for it without:

... having to start a business
… having to learn a new skill
… making a full-time effort
… having to build a team
… having to invest a ton of capital
… having to be “in the know”
… and without having to get your timing just right

This opportunity, the opportunity to buy low and sell high has ALWAYS existed. And if you learn this skill set now, you'll have something you can always fall back to or use as a way to get through hard times, no matter what the economy is doing. 

We’ll be sitting down (virtually!) with a couple of people I can’t wait for you to meet:

Expert #1

Ann Sieg

Ann is the founder of the E-Commerce Business School. She and her family have taught thousands of entrepreneurs how to use arbitrage to generate cash. We’ll talk with her about retail and online arbitrage and how you can use it to build the kind of war chest that can fund you as you pursue your calling, whatever that may be.

Expert #2

Dan Yvars

Dan and I are breaking out the bubble gum, adjusting our ball caps, and talking baseball card flipping. As the future owner of the Cleveland Indians, I’m more than a little interested in this form of arbitrage - and I think you’ll get a kick out of it, too.

Plus, we’ve got some fascinating stories of arbitrage in the newsletter.

Coming up:

  • You'll discover a strategy you can use to build your war chest FAST. Having a revenue stream like this would come in handy as cash to fund investments. (Best of all, you can outsource this 100%.)
  • You'll get a glimpse into a world you may find weird, fascinating, even shocking, and highly lucrative… if you qualify to buy.
  • You'll meet a community member who’s mastered two forms of arbitrage - and hear exactly how she does it. (She taught her mom how to do it, too, and Mom makes a full-time income at it!)
  • You'll meet another member of The One Percent who’s flipped all kinds of products… and now he’s using that revenue stream to build a delicious brand with his wife.
  • As always, we'll give you a business idea you can steal and make your own AND a side hustle you could do with your family.

Whether it's an extra $500, $1,500, or $5,000 a month that would change your life or help you get through a hard time, flipping hot products is one way to help you bridge the gap until you're back on your feet or you find the business of your dreams.

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