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No matter where you live, there’s a fortune to be made if you know where to look and if you know exactly what to look for.

This letter can help you with both...

Dear Future One-Percenter,

Well, the economy had a good run. From the bottom of the 2008-2009 financial crisis to the pandemic was the longest  economic expansion cycle in US History.

The Dow Jones flirted with 30,000 and beyond---a number thought to be an absurd fantasy just 10 years ago...

Unemployment was at a 50-year low. It was a decade where it was tough NOT to make money. 

Then, the COVID-19 Pandemic hit. 

No one saw it coming. Not like this. Even so, there were people ready to take advantage. 


Because, for the past couple of years many intelligent people just like you were wondering…

  • When's the next crash?
  • When is it all going to fall apart?
  • Can these good times really last much longer?

And if you were among the smartest in the world, you were already asking:

"Where Will the Next Opportunity Be?"

Through boom economies and inevitable busts, through stagnant times and roaring times, there has been one proven way to generate wealth.

Some people roll their dice in the stock market, while others try to start or tap into the latest business trend.

But over the last 100 years there has been ONE vehicle that has created more millionaires than any other.

Maybe that’s because...

… You don't have to be smart.

… You don't have to be savvy.

… You don't have to be in the know.

… You don't have to start the next app.

… You don't have to come up with the next great idea.

… You don't have to have great timing.

… You don't have to know the right people.

… You don't need to start with a lot of money.

… You don't need to be young.

In fact, this vehicle has created wealth for people who are starting late in life, for those who had little to no money and to those who were just coming out of college.

The reason it has been so effective for so many people, is because of its PROVEN track record, GENEROUS cash flows, and LONG-TERM ability to create wealth.

The most proven wealth generation vehicle in history is simply... investing in real estate.

Trouble is, when most people hear the idea of investing in real estate, they assume it means flipping houses or dedicating a full time focus to finding good deals, negotiating, or managing tenants.

However, for the savvy One Percenters that you're about to meet, NONE of this is the case. Because they all discovered…

The Most Overlooked Ways To Make Big Money In Real Estate

House for sale

In fact, if you decide to join us for this training inside the One Percent, you'll meet some incredible investors and real estate professionals, some of whom use real estate as their side hustle.

They've all leveraged unique (and often overlooked) ways to create full-time incomes, long-term wealth, and a legacy for their families thanks to real estate.

Best of all, they’re sharing lessons, tips, and tactics they’ve learned the hard way with our members inside the One Percent. 

For instance, they’ll be sharing:

  • How to get started in real estate, even if you have just a few hundred or a few thousand dollars to your name.
  • How to generate passive income without being a landlord, or being the person who finds deals.
  • How real estate can be a wealth generation path, even if you're starting in your late 30s or 40s.
  • How to pursue the big deals and why you should prioritize big deals over small ones.
  • How to find real estate opportunities that no one else is looking for.
  • How to partner with people who can take most of the work off your hands, and just write you a check.

And that’s why I’m inviting YOU to...

Unlock 2020’s Best Real Estate Investing Secrets for Just $1

You see, when you play this game smart, you can avoid all of the competition, and you can bypass most of the old out-of-date strategies that aren't relevant to today's economy.

More importantly, you can take advantage of being one of the insiders with a strategy updated for modern times.

But you won’t find this information just anywhere.

This is the kind of information that stays behind closed doors, in private masterminds, shared and talked about among a few like-minded people. 

The general public doesn't hear about these strategies because the people using them rarely talk about them outside of their private circles. 

IN SHORT: I’ve spent years and invested lots of time and money to establish relationships with proven winners and out-of-the-box thinkers in the real estate space. And I’ve gathered them together to teach and serve our members inside our community called the One Percent.

Once inside the private community you’ll meet real estate masters like...

Tom Burns

Featured One Percenter #1

Tom Burns

Tom Burns is a working surgeon. He still operates his private practice. But his "side hustle" is investing in real estate deals. And to date he's amassed an eight figure fortune, even though he started in his late 30s. Today, as a result of his real estate empire, Tom Burns enjoys the life that most people dream of, abundant free time, life on his own terms, working when he wants, choosing to work if he wants to, all while generating massive wealth. He'll be sharing his secrets with you this month Inside the One Percent.

Josh Cantwell

Featured One Percenter #2

Josh Cantwell

Josh Cantwell is a millionaire in several different ways. Josh started in real estate by flipping houses. But he soon discovered a love for going after the really big deals. This month, Josh will be sharing how he targets and raises money, how he gets in front of great deals, and how he has his first pick of the best deals all while other people fund every step of the journey.

Marc Ruiz

Featured One Percenter #3

Marc Ruiz

Marc Ruiz discovered a way to nearly guarantee passive income by buying real estate the government rents from him. As a result, he gets paid on-time, every month, and gets to charge higher than market rates because the government is footing the bill. This month, he'll be sharing how you can take advantage of these unique opportunities even without owning the homes yourself.

JP Newman

Featured One Percenter #4

JP Newman

JP Newman is the “$800 Million Dollar Man,” because he controls nearly a billion dollars in real estate. That dwarfs even the most famous real estate experts in the world. Although he started later in life, he leveraged relationships and service to create a massive real estate empire. This month inside The One Percent, you will discover how to build your own empire, even if you’re starting late!

And that’s not all! As a member of the One Percent you’ll also receive a digital copy of our exclusive real estate edition of the One Percent newsletter.

Inside the pages of this special Creating Wealth Through Real Estate issue...

  • You'll discover a lucrative real estate investment that could put tens of thousands of dollars in your pocket in a scalable side-gig.
  • You'll learn how to invest in multifamily properties that skyrocket in value (and don't worry - you'll never need to plunge a tenant's toilet).
  • You'll find out how to pool your money with others to invest in real estate deals MUCH bigger than you could do on your own.
  • You’ll get a clear plan for getting started in real estate investing… even if you don’t have a fat bank account of your own.
  • You’ll discover one of the real estate investing paths favored by the Walton family. This one represents a huge reason the family gets $4 million richer every single hour of every day.
  • PLUS… you’ll find out what you MUST do to protect yourself financially as an investment property owner.

As a result of going through this issue along with the exclusive training inside the One Percent, you'll be equipped with the strategies of generating long term wealth to leave a legacy for you and your family.

Whether you're an experienced entrepreneur, or you're just getting your start, real estate is the most proven path to grow and protect your long term wealth.

Most entrepreneurs focus on making money, but very few focus on growing and protecting it.

Real estate is the one asset that has secured cash flows and appreciation consistently for the last 100 years. It's the one opportunity that may still be open in today's unpredictable economy and ultra-competitive marketplace.

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