Is this the most overlooked secret in all of marketing and brand building?

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Dear Future One-Percenter,

Right now, there is one specific source of under-priced attention overlooked by almost every marketer on the planet.

Everyone else is…

... pursuing Facebook ads

… buying YouTube ads

… building email lists

… or creating a bunch of content

... in order to make more sales or build an audience.

But there’s one overlooked way that is the fastest, most profitable, most reliable way to build a business... especially if you’re just starting out.

Listen, if you’re just beginning your journey, tapping into this source of traffic and attention might be the greatest opportunity in the history of marketing and advertising.

Big claim, I know.

And yet, I can prove what I’m saying is true.

That’s why you being online and on this page right now could be the most valuable piece of advice you've ever received in your entrepreneurial career.

Crazy thing is, this traffic source…

... won’t cost you anything


… you don’t have to worry about scaling ads


… wait for some mystery algorithm to kick in.

Sound too good to be true?

I promise you, if you’ve got eyes to see and ears to hear, it’s not.

Let me explain…

What I Learned From My Friend Brian… A 3X Billion Dollar Empire Builder

I first realized this overlooked opportunity while interviewing the e-commerce billionaire Brian Lee.

Brian Lee is the founder and advisor to billion dollar companies. He founded or helped found LegalZoom, The Honest Company, and ShoeDazzle with Kim Kardashian. He was also the first investor in the discount app Honey, which later sold to PayPal for $4 billion dollars.

All of these businesses followed a similar formula… and it's the same formula that's the best opportunity in the world right now for new and experienced entrepreneurs alike.

But the secret I’m sharing with you today is most accurately reflected in the brand Art of Sport which Brian co-founded with NBA legend Kobe Bryant. They sell men’s care products. 

You see, most entrepreneurs try to do everything themselves. They try to:

... build up the audience

… create all the content

… come up with the product ideas

But very few people sit as an owner, and bring in the most important pieces together.

The most important piece in any successful business is traffic. And the best type of traffic you can get is what Gary V. refers to as “under-priced attention”.

Right now there's one source of attention that is so under-priced that if you get ahold of it, you can build an entire business around it… even if you only do it half right.

That source of under-priced attention is working with other people's audiences.

And that’s exactly what’s going on with Art of Sport right now.

Consider this quote  from a Forbes interview with Art of Sport’s current CEO, Matthias Metternich:

Quote/divider icon

“We are connecting with and building a loyal community and are quickly growing through organic channels and word-of-mouth.

Our athlete partners have an aggregate social community of more than 75 million followers and we have 700 micro-influencers introducing our brand to their communities.

Additionally, unlike many brands, we launched on Amazon and our brand is thriving on the platform. We are the fastest-selling new skincare brand on Amazon inside of 3 months.”

I can hear the doubt and objections a mile away…

“Well, Ryan, of course THOSE guys can pull that off… they’re celebrity athletes with huge followings! I could never pull that off with my following.”

To which I would say, “EXACTLY! That’s my point! YOU don’t need to have the followers.”

The Starting Line For The Fast Track To Success Is On Someone Else’s Track

My mentor Travis calls it under-utilized assets or overlooked assets.

Many businesses, celebrities, and influencers have audiences just lying around that they're not using.

Let me say that again…

Many businesses, celebrities, and influencers have audiences just lying around that they're not using.

Sometimes it's an email list sitting on the back of a business that's already doing okay.

In a lot of cases it's the impact and influence that a lot of internet celebrities are wasting… simply because the only way they know how to monetize their audience is by selling advertising.

You've probably seen a lot of influencers or celebrities who monetize their following just by selling cheap advertisements.

That's a waste of their time and they hate doing it.

All of them love to call themselves entrepreneurs, but they don't really have a business behind it. If you partner with these audiences and bring them into an established business, or start a new business around them, new opportunities exist for you that don't exist for most entrepreneurs who are trying to do everything themselves.

Consider this, if you have an audience as small as 10,000 people…

  • You can make Amazon your best friend by manipulating its algorithm.
  • You can create new funnels on the fly because you have a source of immediate traffic
  • You can make videos go viral (even advertising videos) because you have an immediate source of traffic at the push of a button.
  • You can try, and test, and launch new products without having to do giveaways or discounts because there's an immediate audience that exists.
  • You can test new marketing angles, new headlines, and new content that's going to be seen by thousands of people rather than only a few hundred people... like most brands.

If you're starting a new business, or if you have an existing brand, the most impactful thing you can do in your business right now is to be creating partnerships with audiences that have the ability to put your brand on the map.

That’s the secret Brian used to quickly launch and grow brands now worth millions and even billions of dollars.

We Want To Share The Details of This Secret (and Others) With You

That's why, inside the 1% members area, we're opening our toolkit and our network to help you create these connections with audiences and influencers---so that you can create more sales at the push of a button.

When you start to make these partnerships;

  • You're going to find it easier to launch new products.
  • You're going to have more profitable promotions because you'll have a built in audience.
  • You'll have a partner who is creating content so that you don't feel the burden and a waste of time of trying to create a bunch of content about your products.
  • You will have a network of individuals who are talking about your business.
  • You'll have your business or your brand put on the map in minutes instead of years.

All without ever having to build an email list, buy traffic, or get “instafamous”.

One tip from any one of these "secret traffic source" lessons could dramatically change the course of your career.

Here’s an insider’s look at some of the people we’ll be bringing in to mentor you around these secrets of audience building...

Expert #1

Steve Doodian

Steve has a knack for spotting the overlooked influencer and celebrity that has massive impact. He also has a knack for spotting, not just celebrity, but real influence. Steve has the eye for creating connections with influencers that are going to be profitable, and finding the exact right message and influencer to build a business around. He comes with a vast network of connections, so he knows exactly what works and how to get the attention of these individuals.

Expert #2

Travis Sago

There’s a reason this man has been my mentor for YEARS. His perspective on how to gather an audience and sell high-ticket products without getting on sales calls or doing webinars may blow your mind. Plus, his famous “kitchen table logic” can set me straight when I get lost in the weeds… you’ll probably have a similar experience and end up with a way, way simpler path to follow.

Expert #3

Mike Dillard

Mike mastered the art of audience building in one of the hardest industries out there… and his strategy works even better in the worlds of e-comm and info marketing. One of the most frequently-asked questions we get is, “How do I build my email list?” I think you’re going to count Mike’s input as a game-changer.

Expert #4

Sue Zimmerman

Sue has had over 18 businesses and had her first million-dollar business when she was just 22. Social media has been an integral part of her success along the way, and she uses what she has learned to help others. These days, Sue guides entrepreneurs across the globe to IG success through Ready Set Gram, her signature Instagram marketing course.

Expert #5

Mary Kathryn Johnson

You’ll meet the “Chatbot Mom” who’s mastered a marketing technology known for delivering 80% open rates with a 60% click through rate. This is conversational marketing at its best, and after you hear what Mary’s got to say, you’ll want to put it to work for your business, too.

Expert #6

Kaye Putnam

This psychology-driven brand strategist has something great in store for you. Rather than copying others or guessing how to create your branding materials and voice, why not use science instead? According to Forbes, branding is the only way to really stay ahead of the game. Having a consistent brand presence across all platforms—website, social media, etc.—can boost your revenue by 23 percent.

Expert #7

Josh Wilkinson

You may have met Josh in The One Percent community already, and seen the incredibly valuable “give” he gave there. This copywriting pro’s advice on writing sales copy that converts will help you whether you write your own or outsource it.

Expert #8

Leah Cupps

Another shining star in our community, Leah offered up her “Build and Sell” strategy to the group. She and her husband used this strategy to build a company on Amazon that can be sold to a private equity investor for a 5x multiple of EBITDA in a 3 year timeframe. Once they finished their first exit, they started up three more companies - and they’re just about ready to sell, too.

Expert #9

Travis Zigler

Drs. Jenna and Travis Zigler have built a 10,000 member Facebook community starting from nothing. They post content a couple of times a week and use ManyChat to connect with their people, and they'll share what they've learned along the way. They've served this audience by solving a common eye health problem and crossed the 7-figure mark for sales back in 2016. Growing their brand is helping them reach their goal of serving a million dry-eye sufferers.

You get it all when you give The One Percent a no-risk 30-Day trial.