Is this the “Ultimate Passive Income” strategy for entrepreneurs?

How “Boring” Stocks Can Produce “Sexy” Returns Of 20%, 25%, Even 30% Or More Year-After-Year, Without You Risking Your Savings, Reading Long Financial Reports, Or Working More Than One Hour Per Month...

Discover the simple passive income strategy that uses “double compound interest” to turn $10,000 into $575,833, building a war chest of passive cash flow no matter the economy…
Ryan Daniel Moran
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To my fellow entrepreneurs…

First things first: I am not an investment advisor. I am an entrepreneur and I work with entrepreneurs. I've made a lot of mistakes as an angel investor, as a business buyer, and just as an investor in general. I've made mistakes in my companies, too. I have hired and fired the wrong people, and I have made careless mistakes in my business that have cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I tell you that because I want you to know that I'm just like you. I’m an entrepreneur who tries a lot of things. I keep what works, and I get rid of everything else.

Most of us get into this game because we want passive income to let us live the lives that we desire most.  And I’ve made a lot of bad decisions in my quest for passive income.

Like buying a restaurant. Or buying that website that I never did anything with. Or even forex trading.

Based on that, you probably shouldn't listen to a darn thing that I have to say about investing.I've gone down all the rabbit holes that everybody else chases. I've looked at cryptocurrency, I've dabbled in real estate, I've tried to be a stock timer. I've even bought businesses that I had no idea how to operate.

As one of my mentors says, “Entrepreneurs make just enough money to pay for all of their other mistakes.”

Man, do I know what that's like.

Entrepreneurs are the best people in the world at making money.


We are some of the worst people in the world at keeping and growing our money.

So after 15 years studying investment strategies, making a whole bunch of mistakes, and feeling even more confused that I was before, I finally asked myself:

“Do I Want Sexy Strategies, Or Sexy Returns?!?”

Did I really want to take my attention away from my business to discover a new “fancy” investment strategy for passive income… or do I just want passive income?

And that’s when I wondered: could I generate amazing returns with a BORING strategy? Something that took no more than an hour per month, and still produced returns up to 20-40%?  

That’s when I started refining what I believe to be the ultimate passive income  strategy for entrepreneurs.

Now, this strategy is not for everybody.

...This strategy bores some people, because it isn’t “fancy.” It’s not “hard.” And it does not require you to become an expert at reading balance sheets or become a market timer..

Sue Anderson
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“I am really loving these boring companies. No one else talks about them, so I feel like I have an insider advantage to know what really works. My favorite so far was GPC; I bought it right when it met ‘the rules’ of the strategy, so there was no guess work in it. It started paying passive income right away, and now the stock is up over 45% in just six months. Seriously, this stuff should be taught in schools… this is the only strategy I’ll ever need to know.”

- Susan Anderson

While some people pursue 2000% returns in Bitcoin or betting on the next Tesla or Netflix stock, that's not my game.

Instead, I am perfectly happy putting my money into a system that generates 20, 25, 30% returns without risking my whole portfolio and without requiring me to become an expert in a new sector or in a new industry.

Now, if 20 to 30% yearly returns sounds too good to be true, I get that too. Most passive investment advisors say that you should bank on 6 to 9% returns by buying index funds and building a balanced stock portfolio.

But that's not my game either… I’m an entrepreneur, and I like to beat the experts.

And when you run the numbers on my boring strategy, they are nearly impossible to beat.

For example...

How To Turn $10,000 Into $575,833.80 Using “Double Compounding”

Double compounding chart

The real “secret” behind this strategy is something I call “double compounding.”

Albert Einstein called compound interest the “eighth wonder of the world.” He went on to say that “He who understands it, earns it; he who doesn't, pays it.”

This boring strategy has two forms of compound interest that stack on top of one another. And when they play together, the returns are incredible.

In fact, if you used this strategy with “normal market returns”, $10,000 becomes $575,833.80 over 30 years… and that’s if you never add a single cent to your portfolio.

Why This Is The Perfect Investment Strategy For Entrepreneurs

Nick McCullum
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"It (this strategy) seemed very intuitive. It also seemed like something that there was no kind of crazy elaborate, fragile framework surrounding it. It kind of resonated with me as something that I could do in the stock market. This type of quality long term value investing can also be applied to, say, real estate investing or other asset classes. And that speaks to the beautiful simplicity of it.”

- Nick McCullum

Entrepreneurs think differently than the rest of the world. We like to be aggressive. We like the idea of passive income, but we also like “set it and forget it'' strategies that allow us to focus on our business, make as much money as possible, and put that into a system that will grow and compound over time.

If I could give someone just ONE thing that would completely change their financial future, it would be this.

You won’t see it talked about on investing forums or in stock trading groups, because it only takes an hour per month and it isn’t complicated enough to be “exciting.”

But the returns? They are exciting as heck.

That’s why I've put together a quick series on what I believe to be the ultimate investment strategy for entrepreneurs.

Once again, I want to remind you that I'm not an investment advisor. I'm not qualified or certified to teach this stuff. And I won't be giving you "stock picks that are hot" based on what's happening in the news cycle.

Instead, I boiled down the strategy I prefer for passive income, for long-term wealth,  and for tax efficiency. It’s a strategy that can predictably produce extremely exciting returns without me having to become an expert... and without taking up more than about an hour a month of my time.

Here's a bit of what you'll discover in this series.


The Only Stock Market Strategy You'll Ever Need To Know

Instead of trying to predict the market or trying to bet on new emerging companies, there are a few signals that tell you when it's time to go in and buy a stock.

I'll share what you need to know and when to pull the trigger.


How To Make More Passive Income When Your Investments Go Down

Most people evaluate their stock picks on whether it goes up in value. But what if you could actually generate more passive income when your stock portfolio goes down?

If that sounds too good to be true, you'll soon discover how you no longer need to worry about the stock market going up or down. That’s because this strategy develops passive income over time, regardless of what the news or the stock market is saying.


The Double Compounding Strategy

You may have heard that compound interest is one of the wonders of the world. But have you heard about double compound interest?

There's one strategy that allows two types of compound interest to work together to build a giant war chest of passive income... without you having to manage a portfolio or actively add to your investment pool.

In fact, using the double compound interest strategy, you'll see how you can turn $10,000 into $575,000... without investing an additional cent in your portfolio.


How To Use The “Stock Renting” Strategy To Juice Up Your Returns By 9 To 12% Per Year

Did you know that you can generate passive income from any stock in your portfolio without ever selling or flipping the stock? This strategy will juice up your returns and put money in your pocket every single month, even if you never sell a single share.


The ‘Paid Patience’ Strategy - How To Get Paid To “Wait” To Buy A Stock Until It Meets Your Perfect Price

It’s true - you can get paid up front to not buy a stock.

In fact, you can generate an “extra” 8-15% per year without ever buying a single stock.

Don’t want to risk your money right now? Use the ‘paid patience’ strategy to get paid to wait until your favorite stocks are at the perfect price.

I put all of this into a short series that will show you:

  • How I choose which stocks to buy
  • How they generate more and more passive income every single year
  • And how your portfolio can compound in growth year after year…

That’s how you set yourself free to build your business, invest the profits, and finally start building long-term wealth instead of constantly working your face off to generate revenue.

Rooting for you!

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P.S. I just want to remind you again, I probably have no business teaching this stuff.

In fact, I definitely have no business teaching this stuff.

I'm only showing you how I approach my investments because I value passive income.

And I value passive income because I value building a business rather than becoming a great investor. I envy those people who are certified to teach this stuff. I wish that I was a brilliant angel investor, but I'm none of those things.

I'm just an average entrepreneur who wants to put all my attention into business and have an aggressive, exciting, yet predictable plan for building wealth and long term income.

And in my experience, THIS is the best plan to do that.

When I share it with other entrepreneurs, they love it and get really excited.

So I invite you to join me to go through this short series and put this strategy to work for you.

P.P.S. Since I'm not a certified financial planner or strategist, I understand if you don't want to take my advice. In fact, I'm really comfortable if you don't take my advice because I don't like making "hot picks" or any recommendations at all.

So instead I want to honor your skepticism by backing this up with a 100% 60-day money back guarantee.

If you don't like this strategy or you think it's overly hypey or if you decide that 20-30% yearly returns aren't exciting enough for you, feel free to shoot my team an email and we'll refund your order.

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“As someone who has always been intimidated by the stock market, I love this strategy because it doesn’t require me to be any kind of ‘stock market guru’ or have thousands of dollars sitting around. Just follow the principles and watch your wealth grow. I started 6 months ago with just a couple hundred bucks, now my portfolio is up 30% and continuing to grow.”

- Teresa Hawley