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Web3 will change the way that business is done.

Every business will be impacted in some way by the consumer blockchain and NFTs.

For the first time, incentives are aligned among all stakeholders.

For the first time, customers have control over the direction of businesses.

Each owner has a financial incentive to see the other owners win.

Most importantly, this creates a real sense of community within a business.

That is why The Capitalist Pigs community is built on the blockchain, and the membership is an NFT.

This is the first network for entrepreneurs that creates financial incentives for everyone in the community to serve one another.

It provides priority access to deal flow, VIP experiences, and opportunities within the ecosystem.

And since the community is an NFT, you have full rights to trade, transfer, or resell your access, possibly at a profit.

The value (and price) of the NFT will be determined by the value that we create as a community.

This is the next wave, and you are on the cutting edge of it.

Web3 And The Future Of Capitalism

Web3 is changing the online landscape. But its potential reaches much further than the NFT and crypto flipping hype. It offers an opportunity to create the purest type of Capitalism that the world has ever seen.

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What People Are Saying

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“The caliber of people in the group.  I have all of these other groups that I joined and everyone was struggling.  No one was successful and had made it.  No one actually had any money or actually had any success or experience. We were all the blind leading the blind. I tapped into this group immediately and I have already made tons of contacts in the group for people that can help me in different areas of business. It's just mind blowing the caliber of people that are in here. I've never experienced anything like it.”

Margie Remmers Davis
Capitalist pig nft owner
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“There's not a lot of ego involved. Everyone kind of shows up as they are. You can't tell what status people are coming from or where they're at in their business trajectory. But we're all in this together and here to learn from one another and help support one another. And I think that that's so cool.”

Nick Marquiss
Capitalist Pig NFT Owner
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“I've been a part of a lot of internet marketing groups where people are focused on just internet marketing as the end goal. And this group is about investment, so there's people with physical businesses, e-commerce businesses, real estate investors… There’s a wide range of people to learn from.”

Kate Buck Jr.
Capitalist Pig NFT Owner

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