What Happens When You Join The Community? You See Results Like This…

Garret and his wife had an 8-figure exit in 2021

Chad started his brand with $3k and had a 7-figure exit

“He says ‘do this’ so I do that and I make money.”

“The accountability is worth the money, easily.”

Patrick followed the process and had an $11k launch day

“There’s always new information coming out as the world develops.”

“I am really doing exactly what I want to be doing with my life.”

Troy joined the community last year.
Now sales are up 72% YoY

“Whenever you need support, it’s not like ‘okay but what can I get in return?’ People are just willing to share and support.”

“Regardless of your experience, you’ll definitely benefit. Not only the knowledge you’re going to gain, but the community aspect of it.”

Alex and his wife started with less than $1000 and scaled their brand to 8-figures

“This is an amazing network of people to be a part of.”

“Just take action.”

Andri lost everything, started a brand, and had a 7-figure exit a few years later

Sam went from idea to launch in less than 6 months as a full time college student

“This is worth every single dime.”

“It’s priceless.”

Trent launched and crossed $25k in less than 30 days

“If you take action and focus on the doing, you’ll get there.”

Evan joined the Capitalism Incubator and says, “If I could go back in time, I would do the exact same thing.”

Who is this community for? “It’s a good fit for someone who wants to put in the work and is ready, and is open to the fact that things might just work out.”

“The amount of money we were going to spend making mistakes would have been double, triple, the cost to join [the community]. It’s a total no-brainer.”

“Now I’m doing the shit that makes me happy.”

“I love how much value-first this whole organization is.”

“There’s never going to be something that I’m struggling with that I can’t find answers for.”

“I love how much value-first this whole organization is.”

“It’s the only model that works in e-commerce these days.”

“5 months ago I didn’t have an online business. Now I’ve got an online business and products on Amazon.”

“It’s one of the most comprehensive coaching programs I’ve ever been a part of.”

“Outside of The One Percent, I don’t have these kinds of people in my life.”

The Timms sold over $100k in 6 weeks

Shera quit her job and now enjoys freedom she never had before.

Gabe went from working at Starbucks to 7-figure exit… After seeing his brother followed’s trainings and had a 7-figure exit at 19.

“It’s been those relationships that have not only helped me overcome obstacles, but become the type of person who can overcome obstacles.”

“It’s just indescribable.”

“It’s a proven path, it's easy to do if you just start to do it.”

“It has been the most influential community for me during my entrepreneurial journey.”

“Just the advice and tools I have learned from other entrepreneurs in the group have more than paid for itself.”

“Entrepreneurship can be pretty lonely, and I don’t feel that being a part of this group.”

What makes The One Percent different?
“The community.”

“This [community] has given me my drive back.”

“People who execute on what they learn from, they get amazing results.”

“I love, love, LOVE the coaching calls.”

Kyle joined the community and had his first 6-figure month

“It was million dollar feedback for me because it changed the entire trajectory of my business.”

“I’ve tried so many things, and before this company zero of them worked.”

“The trainings within it are super valuable.”

“That’s what it’s all about. Helping that one person.”

“I’ve been a part of other entrepreneurial groups, and they’re just not the same. There is something about this group that is special.”

“If I could start this all over again, I could probably shave off 9 months from the timeline knowing what I know now.”

Tanya leaned on the community and nearly doubled her business in less than two years.

“I’ve built great relationships with people in the community, and because of the community.”

“The whole thing paid for itself within the first month.”

“I can’t find a group like this anywhere else.”

“The content is very good. The materials are very good. But the coaching is absolutely excellent.”

“Ryan said ‘you’ll have a completely different business if you do this strategy’ and I was blown away.”

“My business wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for”

“The quality of the coaching, the caliber of it. To have people who have been there, done that.

“A community that values sharing and collaboration, you can’t measure how important that is.”