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This Is Why You Should Join The One Percent:

99% of entrepreneurs never cross 7-figures. They stay stuck, spinning their wheels for years.

Have you been trying to be an entrepreneur for more than a few months, without a clear plan for a million dollar business?

Or have you gone full-time as an entrepreneur, without a real vision for scaling and growing past 7-figures?

The One Percent helps entrepreneurs build 7-figure business… and invest the profits for wealth and passive income.

Consider this…

The top 1% of the world now earns more than the bottom 80% combined.

Some people resent the top 1%… but we help entrepreneurs join the 1%.

We can help you with a clear plan build a business and invest the profits.

When you join, you become part of a community of Capitalists who build businesses, invest the profits, & create change.

You will have the clarity, the certainty, the excitement, the relationships, and the confidence to build businesses, invest the profits, and create change.

The end result: you will join the 1%.

This is where you exit the sea of information and enter into accountability and community that helps you finally cross the first million.

With hundreds of success stories and counting, your success is expected.

What Others Are Saying

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"Not only has our business gone from nothing to the mid-seven figures in just a few + years, but we sold our medical practice so that we can start our nonprofit more than a decade earlier than we thought."
Jenna Zigler
The One Percent Member
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Jeremiah Klingman discovered this strategy when he was just 19 years old. Two years later, his business crossed 7-figures and he sold it for a $4 million payday. Now, he travels the world and focuses on projects that he enjoys, without the stress of ever having to work for someone else.
Jeremiah Klingman
21-Year-Old Multi-Millionaire
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"Hey everyone! I'm new to the group. Just wanted to say that I am learning so much, not only through the content in the member's area, but the knowledge and positivity everyone here displays in the group. So much encouragement and uplifting. I'm really happy to be apart of something like this. That's all."
Wes E
The One Percent Member

How We Help Entrepreneurs Cross Seven Figures…

Stage One: The Grind

(Months 1-4)

The early stages of entrepreneurship is a grind. You’re trying to figure out what to sell, how to get customers, and how to manage your time. Worst of all, you’re going through it alone.

The One Percent gets you through “the grind” as fast as possible. Instead of just talking about it, you’ll get on a clear path for success. And with regular “clarity calls” and Q&A, you will sail through The Grind and begin to grow. You will always know the next step to take, and you will never go through it alone.

Stage Two: The Growth

(Months 5-9)

Once you have the clarity to move forward, you will sprint toward the first million. With connections to keep you focused and ideas for your next breakthrough, you will be surrounded with others who expect you to succeed.

With the clarity, community, and accountability that you need, you will grow month over month as you move closer and closer to success as an entrepreneur.

Stage Three: The Gold

(Months 9-12)

As your business starts to experience rapid growth and produce cash flow, you will start to transition from a small-time entrepreneur to a member of the top 1% of income earners in the world. To protect your position, you need a way to invest your new profits for wealth and passive income.

In this stage, you will be placed into a private mastermind group for others in your stage, and you will unlock our investing classes that will help you secure your financial freedom for life.

When You Surround Yourself With Success, Life Changes Fast

Leah started a new business and crossed $500,000 per month in sales.
Yasmine launched her dream business with an 8-figure vision.
Jason tripled his sales, hit #1 in his category, and paced $2.5 million in his business.
Greg left his old job, launched a podcast, and created a new business, and is on pace for 7-figures.
Gemma and Georgie started their dream business and are on pace to hit 8-figures.
Andri built a business in his 20s, traveled the world, and sold it for a huge payday…
Wanna Be Next?

How We Help Entrepreneurs Cross Seven Figures…

1. Curriculum

Learn How to Grow a 7-Figure Business in 12 Months

The One Percent Curriculum is a 12-month roadmap to build businesses and invest the profits. The first training you’ll go through is our flagship “Million Dollar Brands” course, which will help you to choose 4 products that sell 25 sales per day. At $30 per sale, that’s a million dollar business.

As a member, you also unlock all previous lessons and classes, and you are invited to new classes each quarter on mindset, marketing, scale, and wealth.

2. Coaching

Get Support from Industry Experts

That question that is keeping you stuck? We can fix it in 15 minutes. We host three coaching calls per month, where you will get clarity on your next steps as an entrepreneur. You will also discover what is working for other members of the community, so you are always supported in your journey.

Every week, you have the opportunity to get support from one of our coaches, the members of your community, and other experts in the field.

Regular Coaching Topics Include:

3. Community

Way More Than A Facebook Group

Most entrepreneurs report feeling alone, lost, depressed, confused, or all of the above. That’s why we prioritize community inside The One Percent. With monthly mastermind groups with members at your level, plus live calls 3x per month, a “give first” Facebook group, and occasional in-person events, you will never be alone in your pursuit of success.

We are a “give first” community, which means that the community is here to support you without expectation. The years of “dog-eat-dog” capitalism are over. We believe in Collaborative Capitalism — working together to create opportunities for one another.

Some of the Courses You’ll Find Inside of The One Percent

Investing for Entrepreneurs

Use “double compound interest” to build a war chest of passive cash flow no matter the economy.

Million Dollar Brands

Dive into the most proven and and predictable way to build 7-figure businesses.

The Other Half

This must watch series will show you how to think like The One Percent and get out of your own way.
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Here’s What You Get Inside The One Percent...

12 Month Roadmap To Build A 7-Figure Business
$2,997 Value
Monthly Mastermind Calls To Take You From "Grind" to "Gold"
$5,000 Value
1-On-1 Help On Monthly Clarity & Coaching Calls
$5,000 Value
Live Monthly Classes With Seasoned Experts & Business Owners
$1,997 Value
Complete “Steal This Idea” Business Plans
$1,997 Value
Quarterly Case Study Newsletter
One Year Inside The One Percent Facebook Group
BONUS: Passive Income Investing For Entrepreneurs
Connections With Entrepreneurs On The Same Path
Total Value: $24,491
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Courses. Case studies. Connections. Community. You’ll find all this and more inside The One Percent. It’s what we wish we had when we started our businesses but didn’t… so we built it to help you get “there” faster.