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We feature the world’s leading experts in all areas of business, investing, and personal growth / development to share what’s working for them to achieve extraordinary results in life & business. These are the one-percenters & creators of the free world.

  • The Show Podcast

    #TBT - Turn Likes And Clicks From Your Audience Into Loyal Buyers w/ George Bryant

    Today, we talk to George Bryant, whose contribution to the Brand Builder Summit was viewed as the most impactful and helpful by the entrepreneurs in the audience.

    So without further ado, here is the go to guy that everyone goes to! The OZ behind the curtain: George “the middle name moniker” Byant.

  • The Show Podcast

    Building A Business Around What You Want #WednesdayWithWyan

    Getting your house in order.

    For Ryan, 2018 was about physical health and mental health — dealing with burnout and overwhelm that all entrepreneurs deal with.

    Today he shares the importance of figuring out, and getting back to the core of what you want in life.


    Hiring Secrets: How You Can Build The Right Team And Free Up Your Life w/ Nathan Hirsch #BrandBuilderPodcast

    Nathan is Founder and CEO of FreeeUp, an outsourcing company geared for e-commerce and Amazon businesses, he is also an accomplished Amazon and e-commerce seller himself!

    Are you thinking about hiring, or have you ever had a bad hire? Hiring can be an expensive and frustrating endeavour for first timers. Nathan offers some guidance for entrepreneurs on how to crack that tough hiring nut!

  • The One Percent Podcast

    The Predictable Path To Get (Really, Really) Rich By Age 50 w/ David Osborn #TheOnePercent

    David Osborn is one of the largest real estate investors in the United-States and runs the largest Keller-Williams franchise in the world.

    Ever wonder how you can get to 9 figures? Tune in for some weird and serious advice refined over David’s 20 plus year entrepreneurial career.


    Turnkey Strategies For Rapid Sales Growth On Amazon w/ Jeff Lieber

    We see a lot of physical product sellers who are really settling for low profit margins and who are really in the weeds of their business, particularly when it comes to navigating the challenges of

    So we had Jeff Lieber on the podcast who works with Amazon sellers to free up their capacity as entrepreneurs and help them quickly scale.

    Jeff Lieber is the founder of Turnkey Product Management, a company dedicated to helping clients automate their sales growth.

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