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We exist to equip and empower others to unleash the power of Capitalism so that they can build a business, invest the profits and create the change they want to see in their world.

We believe Capitalism needs more Capitalists.


Because a Capitalist is a visionary kind of entrepreneur.

If you're one of us, then you build things. You invest. You create change.

As Capitalists, we embrace being part of the 1%, and outproduce the other 99.

The rest of the world can judge us, debate us, even blame us, but they cannot ignore us. Because without us, there would be no progress, there would be no jobs, there would be no change.

So while the world debates, we create. We are not Democrats. We are not Republicans. We are Capitalists. We don't wait for change - we create the change.

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We feature the world’s leading experts in all areas of business, investing, and personal growth / development to share what’s working for them to achieve extraordinary results in life & business. These are the one-percenters & creators of the free world.

  • Making Sense Of The Stimulus For Businesses

    Many small businesses are being hurt badly by the current pandemic.

    But the 2 trillion dollar stimulus plan and CARES Act present some unique once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for entrepreneurs.

    I got 2 different opinions from Kristen Hilton & Vinnie Fisher who have done tons of research about how this will effect capitalists, and what you can start doing to prosper through their uncertain times.

  • Why Buyers Buy: How To Use Psychology To Grow Sales & Build A Brand

    Kaye Putnam uses psychology-driven branding to scale businesses and entrepreneur’s personal brands and create more loyal buyers.

    We talked LIVE in The One Percent group. To join our members area visit:

    Whether you’re building a personal brand or selling physical products, effective branding is the only way to really stay ahead of the game. In this interview I put Kaye on the spot and asked her assess MY brand after taking her personality quiz online.

  • We're Changing The E-Commerce Game

    In this episode I talk about my partnership with Liran Hirschkorn and Terry Williamson to bring strategic advantages to members of The Backroom.

    We talked about big changes coming to Amazon in 2020 and what you can do to stay on top and maintain a competitive advantage.

    For more information about The Backroom visit

  • Micro-Influencers, Massive Profits: Find The Face To Multiply Your Sales w/ Steve Doodian

    Steve Doodian has a knack for spotting the overlooked influencer and celebrity that has massive impact. He also has a knack for spotting, not just celebrity, but real influence.

    Steve has the eye for creating connections with influencers that are going to be profitable, and finding the exact right message and influencer to build a business around.

    He comes with a vast network of connections, so he knows exactly what works and how to get the attention of these individuals.

    We went live in The One Percent community to chat and take a few questions.

  • Mike Dillard: How To Build A Responsive Audience In Record Time

    Mike Dillard made $3.2 million in a single week after the crash of 2008.

    Now as the stock market is falling again I talked with Mike about how to build and monetize an audience for any type of business, regardless of where the economy is at.

    We talked LIVE in The One Percent group. To join our members area visit: