Co-hosted by Max Kerwick and Ryan Daniel Moran

The Brand Builder Podcast show gives a behind the scenes look at some of the world’s most successful brands and gives you the keys to what is working right now.

Bigger Than Amazon: How Bear Komplex Scales By Focusing On A Specific Niche

Bear Komplex is a fitness company that serves crossfitters. One of the secrets to their success has been going to where those people show up, both in person and online. They've used their relationships with influencers and presence in the industry to scale a massive brand and in this episode our host Max Kerwick talks with the founders about what entrepreneurs can learn from their...

Diamond Wars: How Lightbox Uses Tricky Marketing To Control The Jewelry Industry #BrandBuilderPodcast

This week on The Brand Builder Podcast we're reviewing a brand that is disrupting the marketplace in a whole new way. Lightbox is selling a new lab-grown diamond jewelry as an alternative to those that are mined from the planet. But did you know Lightbox is owned by De Beers, the world's largest international diamond company? So what exactly is their strategy here? Newly-married Max Kerwick...

How To Market Your Products When You Have All Kinds Of Different Buyers #BrandBuilderPodcast

Max Kerwick, owner of Brand Builder Strategy, answers one of the hardest questions a new business can have. How do you market to people who aren't in your target audience? Max explains different strategies to help build your audience, making sure you aren't leaving anyone...

Do You Really Need To Be Passionate About Your Product? #BrandBuilderPodcast

Is passion a necessity for entrepreneurial success? Max Kerwick and Ryan Daniel Moran tackle this recurring listener question and offer up their take on how — if at all — passion impacts business. Are you passionate, or do you feel like you are lacking on that front? Tune in for an interesting back and forth on where to find you driving excitement but most importantly,...

How To Go From Zero To $1 Million With An Online Business #BrandBuilderPodcast

Today Stefan James interviews Ryan Daniel Moran and digs into the three stages to breaking the million-dollar mark, and more. If you’re looking to catapult your business into the 7 figures or even if you’re there already but looking to break the ceiling, this episode is for...

Ezra Firestone – How To Grow Amazon, Shopify, And Paid Media Simultaneously #BrandBuilderPodcast

The one and only Ezra Firestone joins Jeff Lieber this week to discuss the most up-to-date online sales and marketing strategies he uses to grow sales through all channels. Ezra shares his best practices, some interesting insights on Amazon and what it was like for him growing up on an intentional community and how it affected his career...