Co-hosted by Max Kerwick and Ryan Daniel Moran

The Brand Builder Podcast show gives a behind the scenes look at some of the world’s most successful brands and gives you the keys to what is working right now.

Ezra Firestone – How To Grow Amazon, Shopify, And Paid Media Simultaneously #BrandBuilderPodcast

The one and only Ezra Firestone joins Jeff Lieber this week to discuss the most up-to-date online sales and marketing strategies he uses to grow sales through all channels. Ezra shares his best practices, some interesting insights on Amazon and what it was like for him growing up on an intentional community and how it affected his career...

How To Turn Your Mission Into Raving Fans #BrandBuilderPodcast

This week Max tackles something near and dear to his heart: turning customers into raving fans! Scratching their basic client itch is not enough. If you’re looking for your raving fans, Max offers up the baseline requirements you have to follow, tips, tricks to getting more out of your customers, and finally, a case study on how to do it...

The Keys To Multi-Channel Business Success: How To Take An Amazon Brand To Your Own Platform #BrandBuilderPodcast

We’re doing things a little differently this week, Nathan Hirsh  — CEO of FreeeUp and host of the Outsourcing and Scaling Show — interviews Max! Are you looking to increase the value of your company for eventual sale? Max breaks down the specific steps to building a Brand with a big ‘B’ — which is the only real way to build a really strong...

Influencer Marketing: Create A Partnership That Really Works w/ Crossfitters Lauren Fisher & Rasmus Andersen #BrandBuilderPodcast

Listen to this episode before throwing your money at any and all influencers you can find! There is a wrong and right way to do influencer marketing. Are you thinking of adding influencer marketing to your strategy? Max Kerwick welcomes influencers Lauren Fisher and Rasmus Andersen to talk about their side of a marketing relationship and share critical dos and don’ts of this kind of...

Riches In The Niches: How Glow By Daye Grew A Small Hair Brand Into Big Profits #BrandBuilderPodcast

Max Kerwick welcomes Ranay Daye Orton, Founder and CEO of Glow by Daye a hair care brand for natural and textured hair for women of color. She shares the story of how she iteratively built her product line and brand around a hunger in the market and scaled to her first million. She shares tips and strategic advice on how to build a brand one product at a time as well as how focusing on the...

Painful Lessons Learned From Selling My Business w/ Jeff Lieber #BrandBuilderPodcast

Are you thinking about selling your business? Do you know what’s missing in your business to get good value for it? This episode is for you: special contributor Jeff Lieber of Turnkey Product Management shares his good — and bad — experiences selling 2 businesses. Tune in to learn from his mistakes and avoid the pitfalls associated with selling your company but also, learn how to build up...