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Capitalism is…

…a pyramid scheme

So says Google. So also says a society flirting with fully embracing socialism, lured by the promises of free college, free health care, and free…well... everything.

They confuse the right to pursue happiness with an entitlement to its provision. They accuse capitalists of hogging the good stuff, leaving nothing but scraps for everyone else. They threaten to take by force - or by legislation - what their brows have not sweat for, what they perceive as self-evident rights, what they are due… simply because they desire it.

At the same time, they sneer at the “overnight success” who toiled for years in obscurity to build something marvelous with their own hands. They begrudge the rewards that grew from an entrepreneur’s willingness to tolerate risk. They turn a blind eye when we, as leaders, eat last after making sure those under our care are fed. They accuse us of evil motives, greed, and inhumanity as we toil, endure, and ultimately reap the rewards for our work.

Yet, as F.A. Hayek taught, capitalism is the system through which a number of strangers come together to serve one another.

Capitalism is how we enjoy an unparalleled and unprecedented variety of goods and services. Capitalism also unleashes a broader range of arts, sciences, and innovations. These, born of the inspired minds of entrepreneurs who counted the cost of their toil and risk and knew that if they created what the world wanted and needed, they would collect a reward in the form of profits.

Here at, we believe in the power of entrepreneurship…

…of people taking ownership of problems they didn’t create.
…of humans’ remarkable ability to create solutions for those problems.
…of compassionate service to the human community.

We know the truth - that the kind of world we dream of cannot be legislated or taxed into existence. There is no Sugar Daddy, Fairy Godmother, or government granting wishes. There is no free lunch.

There is only the opportunity to accept personal responsibility for creating the change we wish to see in the world. We hold the keys. It is up to us as capitalists to find and fulfil the calling on our lives, to accept the challenge to own, create, and serve.
CapCon panelCapCon panel sees the hurdles and hatred entrepreneurs face.

We link arms with those who would light fires in the world to bring about change, starting with ourselves. We share what we have learned, to smooth and hasten the path of those who come behind us. We proclaim the good news of human betterment through the free market.

We welcome YOU into our midst, eager to encourage, befriend, promote, and celebrate with you along your journey. Together, let’s build our businesses, invest our profits, create change, and have a blast doing it.

So, where do we start

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us.
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