Ryan selected this coaching call from The One Percent to share on the podcast for a very specific reason. Cindy has been in business for 14 years but that whole time she was selling directly to businesses - she is just now getting started in the direct to consumer eCommerce world!

So of course she wonders, "is it too late now to change the whole business model?" 
How can she pivot from B2B sales to selling directly on Amazon and Shopify?

After finding Ryan's book, 12 Months To $1 Million, she decided it was time to transition her business that has been making great products that help dogs stay healthy and heartstrong to the front facing world of social media, list building, and connecting more directly with her customers.

In this podcast Ryan coaches her to see that she is sitting on a potential multimillion dollar business if she follows the brand building playbook and her timing could actually be perfect in this still booming sector!

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