Luis is launching a brand for men who want to start a family and prioritize their health and wellbeing but he feels stuck wondering how to build an email list before his big launch.

With Bradley & Chelsey also on The One Percent from Maple + Lark (a Capitalism community $100k/mo success story) they share some advice from what they've learned around creating a successful pre-launch with a small audience.

Ryan recommends giving away a fitness program guide for free and documenting his own personal journey and the entrepreneurship journey of bringing physical products to the world.

The key to building his email list and audience will be transparency, authenticity, a bit of vulnerability, and creating some unique value for his niche - if he can do that he will have a growing list ready to buy whatever he has to offer!

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(0:06) - Episode Intro

(1:30) - Call With Luis Begins 

(2:30) - Luis Explains His Brand 

(3:10) - Feeling Overwhelm With Launching 

(3:30) - Brad & Chelsey Weigh In  Pre Launch Strategy

(5:10) - Creating Leverage With Investors And Manufacturing

(6:15) - How To Build An Audience 

(9:30) - Creating Content That Builds Email Leads