You, The NEW Millionaire Next Door? Maybe...

This is an invitation to join a secret class of new millionaires quietly creating 6, 7, and 8 figure incomes without traditional jobs, advanced education, or piles of start-up capital...

Dear Reader,

Every day in tiny towns, big cities, sleepy suburbs, and exotic destinations around the world new millionaires are quietly starting their day.

They don’t use alarm clocks. And they don’t rush out the door just to sit in traffic on the way to a job they hate. Instead...

Most casually grab a cup of coffee and spend a little time with the family before opening their laptop and getting to work.

Their commute is often down the hall to a spare room, to the kitchen counter with their laptop, or a chair out on the porch.

A few venture out after the rush hour madness to a local coffee shop and work from there.

Others get in a workout, do a little reading, or take a walk before diving into their day.

Hustle & Grind 24/7?
Not For These “New Millionaires”...

No matter how these new millionaires next door start their day, it rarely involves the “hustle and grind” so popular with the #entrepreneur crowd on Instagram.

And it’s far from “24/7”.

Truth is, most of their “work” is wrapped up before lunch.

By the way, I put “work” in quotes because what these new millionaires do would hardly be considered work by most people.

After all, 

They aren’t exhausted at the end of the day--physically, mentally, or emotionally.

And the only tools they use are a laptop, their phone, and maybe a few online apps and websites.

For instance…

Ryan, 32, logs onto a popular website where he has an account, checks a few stats, makes a couple of adjustments. Then, 1-2 hours later he calls it a day after pocketing a couple thousand dollars.

And this is just one of his 6-figure income streams. The other takes even less effort. That’s why he’s able to split his free time between Scottsdale and Vancouver with occasional trips to Southeast Asia when the mood strikes.

Alex, 35, has no products. He travels at least 6 weeks per year, often on someone else’s dime. He hasn’t updated his Facebook page in two years and hardly anyone knows his name.

Yet, he earns 7-figures simply sharing little-known travel hacks on his blog. And oh yeah, he doesn’t even do most of the writing himself.

Kaye was a military spouse and mom. She followed her husband from Tennessee to Hawaii to Italy to North Carolina. And every step of the way, K used her laptop and an internet connection to create an income stream that would make most corporate executives, surgeons, and high-powered attorneys blush.

Now, here’s the crazy part…

If you watched any of these “new millionaires” from across the room on any given day, you’d just think they were checking their email, surfing the web, scrolling on social media, and every once in a while talking to a friend on the phone or by video chat.

Working out of a coffee shop

You certainly wouldn’t look at them and think…

“Now there’s a millionaire at work”. Heck, you wouldn't even think, “There’s a millionaire.”

Even so, they’ve figured out how to create incomes in the tens of thousands… and even hundreds of thousands of dollars--per month. Often, multiple streams of income.

What’s even crazier is how fast they went from zero to these, admittedly, unbelievable numbers…

It’s not that they are smarter than anyone doing things the old way, they’re just taking advantage of the new ways of making money that are not limited by time, location, educational background, or even years of experience.

But what may be the craziest part of the whole thing is how secure these income streams are… how they are virtually unaffected by politics, stock market crashes, or swings in the economy.

Consider this case in point...

From Handyman to 6-Figures During “The Great Recession”

Sean McCool

Sean McCool, a former handyman, first heard about one of these new millionaires skills in 2005. And near the end of 2008, right as the financial collapse was taking hold and at the age of 38, he decided to go all in and learn how to use this skill to break free from fixing toilets and installing hardwood floors.

So while others were being laid off, losing their homes, and panicking, S.M., quietly started working less and earning more than ever before.

In fact, over the next 10 years, he steadily brought in an executive level, 6-figure per year income, bought a beautiful country home, brought his wife home from work, and bought his dream car--a decked out Jeep Wrangler…and his wife’s dream car--a Lexus IS250 FSport... all while working from home 3-4 hours per day.

Oh yeah, get this…

Sean flunked out of college and never held a job for more than about 9 months prior to learning about this new millionaire skill.

And Sean. isn’t even the top of his new millionaire peer group. Others, like Travis Sago, use the same skill to make 7 and even 8-figures per year.

Now, here’s the incredible part…

There Are More Than a Dozen Wealth and Income Boosting Skills You Can Choose From To Create Your New Millionaire Lifestyle

There are literally about a dozen of these kinds of new millionaire skills you can pick and choose to get good at… because some will fit your personality and goals better than others.

Even so, applied correctly any one of these skills allows you to escape the grind and create a life of true freedom. Freedom where time and money are no longer concerns but simply tools you get to use however and whenever you want.

However, when you weave two or three of these skills together… well… then the magic really happens.

As you’re already beginning to see, these new millionaires could be any age and could, literally, be living right next door.

What might not be obvious is that all of them come from ordinary families. Most started with less than a $1,000. And every single one had to learn the skills that propelled them into new millionaire status.

In other words, they are ordinary people living extraordinary lives.

Which is great news! Because that means…

… the skills they used to become new millionaires are all learnable.

In fact, with a little hard work and focus, you can get good enough at most of these skills to crack $10k per month in about 90 days.

From there, it’s up to you how you weave these skills together to create multiple... or larger... income streams.

And by the way…

… you don’t need to set aside 20-40 hours a week - most of these skills can be learned and applied part time.

… you don’t need to go back to school or get another degree - if you can read, write, and get around ok online, you have what you need to succeed with these new millionaire skills. 

… you don’t need a lot of money to get started - anywhere from $0 -$1,000 is enough.

… and you don’t need any special background, or to have a bunch of followers, or become a social media star - in fact, for most of these skills, no one ever needs to know your name if that’s the way you like it.

All this is possible because of massive changes in how the world does business and who they do business with.

As I’ve said, it’s just flat out easier now than ever before to create these full-time income streams from home, working part time.

Yes, I know that sounds like hype and marketing talk. Even so, here’s the undeniable truth…

When It Comes To Matters Of Success, The Right Mentors Matter

All you really need to get better at anything in any area of life is the right mentor to show you what’s possible.

Well, that and the willingness to think and act in a new way. A new way that leads to new actions which lead to new results and ultimately to a completely new life.

You see, each new millionaire I’ve mentioned so far… and thousands more like them all over the world... met someone in their life--either in person or virtually--who gave them a sneak peek into what’s possible when you let go of the past, question the mainstream, and embrace the new ways of making money.

Now, this hand-selected group of new millionaires wants to pay that knowledge forward. They want to share what they’ve learned with you.

And what they want to share can take you from wherever you are right now to wherever you want to go in your life.

  • Want to earn 6 or 7 figures per year? Per month? They can help you get started...
  • Want to never have to work for anyone else ever again? No problem...
  • Want to travel the world?...
  • Want to settle down and take care of your family without stress? Just follow their lead...
  • Want to donate money and time to the causes you believe in? It’s possible...

Because these men and women I’d like to introduce you to can teach you the little-known skills and strategies that make all of these things, and more, possible.

Let me explain…

“For the times they are a-changin’...”

- Bob Dylan

Most of the skills and strategies these new millionaires next door are using to create their multiple streams of income didn’t even exist 10 years ago...

… or, they required massive investments and special equipment...

… or they could only be performed on location…

… or from a cubicle surrounded by the hum of misery and fluorescent lighting.

Hard to Believe...

The iPhone didn’t even exist until 2007. And the App store we now look to for all kinds of solutions didn’t come online until July 2008.

Now, however, you can access, learn, and perform these highly profitable ways of making money part time from wherever you are right now.

What’s more you can use these skills to build your own income streams or use them to serve others.

Consider this...

In less than 20 years, we’ve gone from needing travel agents to being able to book our own airline tickets, hotels, car rentals, and more from our laptop or phone.

We no longer need stock brokers… e-trade does just fine…

We no longer need fancy attorneys for ordinary tasks… Legal Zoom can handle 80% or more of what we need.

Dog Sitter? Just hop on over to Rover.

Handyman? Home Advisor can help.

Nanny? saves the day.

Housegold supplies? Amazon or a dozen others will deliver right to your door. 

Logo cloud of modern service companies

In fact, today, you can order just about anything from your smartphone and have it delivered to wherever you are in less than 24 hours… and often within the hour.

And it’s not just stuff that’s easier to get...

  • You can also communicate with people around the world through video calls, chat, and social media… all in real time… at little to no cost.
  • You can choose the best accountant in the country to do your taxes… not just the guy in your town.
  • You can be trained by the best personal trainers and life coaches in your home via video or on the go.
  • You can find information about ANYTHING in less than the time it takes you to ask or type the question on Google or YouTube.

In short, technology has completely changed how we do business and who we do business with precisely because we are no longer limited by time of day or geography.

So what? Why does this matter to you?

Because this new, mobile, always-connected, accessible-from-anywhere-in-the-world, there’s-an-app-for-that, shift in the way the world does… well… everything is opening doors of opportunity that simply did not exist 10 years ago.

Think about it…

The same “tools” you use to book services, buy stuff, and manage your life are available to you to create income faster, easier, and with less costs than anytime in history.

Even Forbes is noticing the crazy shift.

In 2015 they published their:

YouTube Millionaires

 “...first ever list of the top-paid YouTubers featuring 13 DIY filmmakers minting millions, a combined total of $54.5 million, by commenting on video games, serving up comedy, blogging about beauty and even dancing while playing the violin.”

Now, I’m not suggesting you launch a YouTube channel.

I AM suggesting you move from just a consumer to a creator. Why?

Because the power to produce value… to create solutions… to serve others, in virtually any form--from education to entertainment to services and even products...  has shifted from the guarded walls of giant corporations to the individual with a laptop, phone, and internet connection.

And since you’re reading this online right now, that means you can take advantage of this shift to join the new millionaire lifestyle.

But why, you might ask, haven’t you been able to get ahead if it’s so much easier than ever to do so?

Two Big Problems Holding You Back…

There are two big problems holding you back from becoming a new millionaire.

Problem One

You’ve been taught how to follow directions and make money for other people. But you’ve never been taught to make money for yourself.

That’s not just my opinion.

Huffington Post writes:

Quote/divider icon

“The current school system was developed by Horace Mann, which he called, ‘ The Common School,’ later being called the, ‘Normal School.’

The purpose was to train factory workers, people that would follow rules, not ask questions, and move onto a new task when prompted by the ringing of a bell.

Sound familiar? That’s because the public school, is still following a model that was designed for the Industrial Revolution.”

And The Atlantic also noted:

Quote/divider icon

“School systems that once churned out well-paid factory workers failed to keep pace with the rising educational demands of the new knowledge economy.”

So what’s the result of not keeping up with the way the world is changing? The Atlantic answers that question later in the same article when they confess:

Quote/divider icon

“Americans are more highly educated than ever before, but despite that, and despite nearly record-low unemployment, most American workers—at all levels of educational attainment—have seen little if any wage growth since 2000.”

Basically, beyond basic reading and writing skills, you’ve been taught old skills for an old (and dying) world. Worse, most of us were never taught how to think for ourselves so that we can adapt to the changing world around us.

And that leads me to the second problem facing you right now...

Problem Two

The people who you want to learn from aren’t found in schools or universities. They are quietly doing their own thing. They are, quite simply, hard to find.

Even Fortune acknowledged this truth when they wrote:

Quote/divider icon

“... mentors play an important role. Unfortunately, for many people, finding a great mentor remains a challenge.”

Plus being a mentor can be draining. Especially since many of these new millionaires tend to be introverted and value their privacy.

Add to that their ability to vary their schedule... or travel at the drop of a hat...  and you can see why it might be hard to get and keep their attention--even if you could find them. 

So finding good mentors is a real problem.

One that, I believe, we’ve solved.

I’ll tell you more about that in just a minute.

First, you need to understand...

“The 3 Agendas”

Author Taylor Pearson spent three years meeting with hundreds of entrepreneurs from Los Angeles to Vietnam, Brazil to New York, and worked with dozens of them, in industries from cat furniture to dating…

His findings? No matter the industry, age, race, country, or gender, one simple fact stood out:

What THEY aren’t telling you and why they never will...
Quote/divider icon

“... entrepreneurship was dramatically more accessible, profitable, and safer… while jobs were riskier and less profitable than the public is typically (mis)led to believe.”

Shocked? Probably not. What might shock you is just how blatant this misinformation campaign really is.

I believe there are 3 Agendas to blame. These are not new. But they are entrenched. And I seriously doubt they are going away anytime soon.

Fortunately, just understanding these agendas is enough to allow you to choose to take back ownership of your life.

How? By ignoring the agendas and instead learning the money making skills the new millionaires next door want to share with you.

Said another way, stop consuming the problems and start creating solutions for yourself and for others. 

Agenda #1:

Your attention at any cost.

See if any of these sound familiar?

  • “If it bleeds, it leads.”
  • “Bad news sells.”
  • “Never let a let a serious crisis go to waste.”

That’s pretty much the mass media’s point of view in a nutshell, wouldn’t you agree? Focus on the bad news because the masses will tune in... and stay tuned.

But if you’ve read this far, then I know something about you…

You don’t want to be led like sheep to slaughter.

Here’s what Bill Gates, one of the richest men in history, had to say about headlines:

Quote/divider icon
“Headlines, in a way, are what mislead you because bad news is a headline… improvement is not.”

So the first agenda is to get you to waste your time watching and tuning into bad news… that includes bad news on reality TV… social media… politics… family and more.

Don’t fall for it. Use your time to learn the skills that improve your life and the lives of others.

Agenda #2:

Short-Term Thinking.

The best way to increase consumption and decrease satisfaction (which creates the desire for more consumption) is to get people to think short-term.

Now here’s the crazy paradox about getting rich: when you make good long term decisions, you get good results FAST.

But when you make short term decisions, you get bad results across the board.

The best long-term plan you can have for yourself is to learn and use the skills that create wealth. Then, continue to grow that wealth using the strategies of the world’s richest people.

Agenda #3:


Tax the rich and give to the poor through public services.

Socialism is a can of worms. But it’s not the point of this letter.

It is, however, a seductive promise that caters to those who don’t understand what’s happening to jobs, education, and work in our new creator economy … or how to adjust to these rapid changes.

Listen, it’s no secret these agendas have been around as long as civilized society has been around. It’s just that now, it’s more in your face.

But the bigger danger might be what’s coming next if these agenda pushers get their way...

Why Now Could Be Your Last Best Chance To Become One of The New Millionaires Next Door...

There’s so much I want to write in this section so that you understand how small the window of opportunity to join us a new millionaire next door is right now.

There are so many directions I could go…

But here’s the bottom line:

There’s a perfect storm brewing. I personally think the storm could be triggered at anytime in the next 6-24 months.

It’s a storm of technological, political, and cultural shifts that will fundamentally change… well… everything.

Let’s face it…

Popular trust in virtually every American institution---from businesses and governments to churches and media outlets---keeps falling to new lows.

Public debts soar. The middle class sinks. Welfare dependencies deepen. And political and cultural arguments get worse by the minute.

Not to mention, we are at the tail end of the longest economic expansion in the history of the US. Once the other shoe drops, opportunities will likely go to those already positioned to take advantage. Everyone else will be left to pick up the pieces… again.

And if you don’t get ahead of this storm… if you don’t join the new millionaires next door BEFORE this storm hits… I promise you, it will be much harder to break through during or after the storm.

But thanks to strategies you’ll be learning, there’s still time to join us.

And once you’re one of us, it’s much easier to stay one of us than it is to get there should this storm hit before you join us.  

A Little Luck & A Lot of Hard Work...

Backroom meeting with TakeFlight

As I mentioned at the top of this page, my name is Ryan Daniel Moran. I’m the founder of and I want you to know that I am rooting for you to join me and my friends as new millionaires.

But you might be wondering how I got here and why you should listen to me…

Well, I guess I got lucky. I was born at just the right time in history to take advantage of the technological shift that is changing how we do business and who we do it with.

I don’t know why I saw the opportunity early when most of my peers didn’t, but I did.

At 22 I was already using the internet to quietly earn 6-figures from my dorm room.

After a few twists, turns, and thousands of dollars invested in my income skills, I learned about buying and selling products on amazon.

In just over 5 years I built and sold two businesses for a total payout of just over $10 million.

Not bad for a lower middle class kid from Ohio.

Along the way I met some really cool people.

And as I did, I realized that there’s an entire wold of these new millionaires that few people know exist.

And now, at 32, I want you to meet and learn from these people. I want to help you shorten the learning curve I had to push through.

So, you don’t need to be as lucky I was. The path is more clear than. And the mentors to guide you are ready to help...

“Mentorship is one of the biggest keys to success.”

- Fast Company Magazine

Ok, so we’ve covered a lot of important ground in this letter.

You’ve learned about this almost secret group of new millionaires next door who are creating incredibly high income in record time thanks to how we do business and who we do business with in this new economy.

Then we discussed the two big problems facing you right now:

  1. Not being taught how to work for yourself
  2. Not having access to the right mentors who can help

9 Mentoring Truths

  1. It’s about the person, not their position
  2. Don’t always expect a relationship—mentors come in all different forms
  3. Instead of insisting on coffee or dinner meetings, be flexible
  4. In addition to looking up for mentors, look to your right and left
  5. Your mentor usually finds you (not the other way around)
  6. Don’t always look for someone like you
  7. Don’t ask a ceo for the roadmap—ask for advice on how to navigate
  8. Remember to give and take—don’t be a greedy mentee
  9. Mentorship is not a life vest

Next we revealed at the 3 Agendas they don’t want you to know about:

  • Agenda #1: Your attention at any cost.
  • Agenda #2: Short-Term Thinking.
  • Agenda #3: Socialism.

Finally we looked at why a perfect storm of technology along with political and social pressures could make the next 6-24 months your last best chance at joining the ranks of these new millionaires next door.

All this led me to one inescapable conclusion…

I had to gather my friends and get them to mentor you on what they knew about making money in a way that was affordable for anyone who really wanted to learn.

I needed to curate the best practices and insights from new millionaires around the world and in the dozen or so areas of expertise I knew made the biggest difference in going from low or average incomes to incomes that make you wealthy.

So, my team and I created…