The Highest Paying Career in the World Requires No Time, No Capital, No Employees, No Ideas, and No Experience

Here's why right now is the best time ever to start a business you can sell.

Ryan Daniel Moran
From the Desk of Ryan Daniel Moran

To my fellow entrepreneurs…

A creator… that's what you were born to be. That's when you feel most alive.

Most people say they want freedom. But what does that really mean?

Do you want freedom from a crappy job? An overbearing boss and financial struggle? Or do you want freedom to create a beautiful life on your own terms?

But more than just a life, do you want to create a legacy? 

Create a business that impacts others? Create products that bring change to the world? Create wealth that comes not from extracting, but expanding the pie?

Being a creator is your highest calling. Conveniently, being a creator is the highest paying job and the most rewarding career in the world. In fact, it's the most in demand career in the world too. As it stands right now, there is more money, capital, resources, knowledge and advice available than ever.

The world does not need another expert.

The world does not need more investors.

The world definitely does not need more influencers.

(There are already more than enough of all of those.)

What's missing right now is for a creator or a capitalist to come in to bring those resources together.

That's being a capitalist. That's being a creator.

A creator is someone who brings together other people's capital, other people's audiences, other people's expertise, and sometimes other people's ideas and assembles them into a business or a brand. We call this the owner's model. 

The owner's model is a type of business that simply requires one leader to craft a vision and bring together relationships and resources that will make it come to life. As a result of following this model, you'll be able to:

… Turn ideas into businesses faster than you ever thought possible.

… Gross seven figures in revenue without working yourself to death.

… Leverage audiences that other people create - without having to be a content maker or an influencer.

… Create partnerships that free up your own capital and your own time, scale a business to mid-seven or low-eight figures.

… Position your business to exit for a big payday when you're ready to move on.

Most business owners call themselves entrepreneurs, but they're actually more like hustlers.

They do just enough to be able to not to work a full-time job. Problem is... this is the same mentality of many homeless people.

Your job as a business owner, as a leader, is not to work hard. Instead, it’s simply to set the overall vision of a company that excites you, bringing the pieces together that can help it scale to seven or eight figures and position it to be sold when the time is right.

That's what we focus on inside the Capitalism Incubator. Whenever you're ready, click below to get on the waiting list for the next time we're open.

Meet Some Of Our Past Students

Jenna & Travis Zigler

Success Story #1

Travis and Jenna Zigler

Drs. Travis and Jenna Zigler started Eye Love LLC, an eye health company, with the intent on having enough side income to be able to start a nonprofit when they turn 50. However, after launching their own physical products brand, Travis and Jenna crossed into the mid-seven figures and built a sellable business that not only allowed them to achieve their dream more than a decade earlier than they thought, but also making them millionaires.

Success Story #2

Yasmine Moussa

Yasmine Moussa is a mompreneur who's made it her life's mission - and business - to make maternity easy and joyful for other mothers. She’s the Founder and CEO of The Gentle Nursery blog and Biomeology is an e-commerce site that sells probiotics for pregnancy, postpartum, and breastfeeding.

Even though she “accidentally” hit the publish button on her blog when she started, she’s grown her business and launched a brand of probiotics on purpose. Yasmine says joining the Capitalism Incubator is the best decision she ever made… and that it’s meant the difference between staying where she was and getting where she’s going.

Success Story #3

Jason Franciosa

Down to his last $3,000, Jason used the strategies that we teach inside of the Capitalism Incubator to create partnerships, vision, and compelling products that have become among the most loved products in the CrossFit space. 

Today, after just a few years of building his brand, Jason now runs a $3 million per year business. Without having had previous experience, expert knowledge, and certainly without starting with a ton of capital.

Meet A Few Capitalists Who Use The Owner's Model To Build Businesses They Can Sell

Trevor Blake

Founder, Entrepreneur, and Guest Contributor to the Capitalism Incubator

Trevor Blake is a serial entrepreneur who has built and sold three companies totalling $300 million. Today, he says they are worth over $600 million. Possibly most intriguing of all, he's never hired an employee. Trevor uses the owner's model in order to work just a few hours per week, build incredible companies, and create wealth without slaving away as a hustling entrepreneur.

Brian Lee

Founder Honest Company, LegalZoom, investor in Honey and many other businesses. Guest Contributor to the Capitalism Incubator.

Brian Lee has several billion dollar companies on his resume. Beyond being the founder of LegalZoom, the Honest Company and the Art of Sport, Brian is also a lead investor behind some of the world's most recognized retail brands. Brian brings together other people's capital, other people's audiences and the relationships he has built over the years to create wildly successful brands and businesses.

Dave Asprey

Founder of Bulletproof

Just a few years ago Dave Asprey started the Bulletproof Executive blog and it quickly amassed a following of thousands of readers and enthusiasts. Dave then launched Bulletproof which started with just one product, organic coffee. After leveraging other people's capital and building relationships in the space, Dave's company has now sold hundreds of millions of dollars worth of coffee, butter, MCT oil, and packaged foods that feed his enthusiastic fan base while helping them live more fulfilled lives.

So What Is The Capitalism Incubator?

The Capitalism Incubator is a year-long experience to help you: 

  • Get crystal clear on your vision and build relationships that will help you launch and scale your business.
  • Take you from zero to a profitable launch.
  • Introduce you to funding partnerships, audiences, and important agencies.
  • Put you in a community of other business builders, coaches, and brand builders who will help you build the business of your dreams. 

Gone are the days of having to build a business on your own. Say goodbye to the days of being a "solopreneur".

This is about way more than building a lifestyle business. This is about crafting an exciting vision that can grow beyond you without monopolizing your time, being a drain or distraction upon your family or your finances and without putting you into a stressful position that you can never get out of. 

The Capitalism Incubator is about building exciting businesses that you can scale and sell while enhancing your lifestyle, because you will build relationships, maintain the growth and set a vision that excites you rather than stresses you.

So You're Thinking Of Joining The Capitalism Incubator... But You Have A Few Questions

That's a great place to be, according to Yasmine. She called Cap Inc 'the best decision she has made in the last year” in a recent podcast interview. 

We know that you're excited about joining the group here, because we help entrepreneurs build 7-figure businesses they can sell.

We also know that you have some questions and concerns. Are you ready for this? Are you at a place where you can commit to this? And what happens if you fail?

If you are asking these types of questions, then you're normal. Welcome to being a normal person. It also means that you are right on pace for an 8-figure exit, because every single one of our success stories started with an excited (yet hesitant) student who didn't quite feel that they were ready.

The purpose of this page is to answer every single one of those lingering questions that is holding you back from trusting the process. Once you feel the tug to dive in and 'do this,' you can apply for Cap Inc here.

Welcome. Now, let's get your questions out of the way.

The Capitalism Incubator, or Cap Inc as we lovingly call it, is a year long sprint that will guide you through launching and scaling your physical products business. It’s not just a course… there is a course, but it’s so much more than that. It’s a tight-knit mentoring group. You’ll meet fellow entrepreneurs, investors, successful business owners, world class coaches, and maybe even your next business partner!

If you already have a physical products brand up and running but you’re feeling stuck, Cap Inc is right where you want to be! Although you might find some of the information and lessons to be refreshers, you’ll find most of the content to be new to you, or a new way of looking at something. If you’re stuck, you’re missing something and we’re here to help you find that missing piece.

Cap Inc is for people like Yasmine. Yasmine is a blogger who earns a full-time income from search engine optimization and affiliate marketing. As she says, she became her own influencer to her highly-responsive audience. That's a great little business, but she wanted more. That's why she joined Cap Inc. Now, she's using her audience to build a business that she can sell.

Cap Inc is also for people like Damien. Damien is 20 years old and has dreams of being an entrepreneur. He's been taking courses and listening to podcasts since high school, but he's never had a plan to build a real company. Cap Inc forced him to build a vision, rather than pursue 'make money on the internet' programs. That frustrated him at first, until he discovered that it truly freed him up to build a 7-figure business... maybe even an 8-figure business. He says it's the best thing he's ever done.

Cap Inc is also for people like Kristy. Kristy has sold physical products in the past, but she never crossed 7-figures. Instead, she always felt stuck in 'product mode,' which left her wanting something more, something she could feel proud of, and something that could change her family's financial future. In Cap Inc, she finally escaped the "race to the bottom" most product sellers face. By learning to serve a specific group of people by creating a brand they come to know, like, and trust, she also cracked the code for charging premium prices and having people virtually waiting in line for every new product she unveils.

Cap Inc is for entrepreneurs, influencers, marketers, and any other visionaries who are ready to leverage their skills and passion to build a brand that will change lives.

The Incubator is primarily focused on physical products brands. Although the strategies and principles covered are applicable to all kinds of businesses, we will primarily focus on them in the context of physical products brands.

What’s surprising for many of our students who have service- or information-based businesses is that adding a physical products brand is like finding the missing piece. Service businesses can be hard to scale because you only  have so much time. Info marketers bloggers like Yasmine discover that the work they’ve already done to build an audience positions them perfectly for exponential growth when they add a physical products brand.

Cap Inc might not be for you if…

  • You are only in it to make a quick buck. We don’t believe in “just selling products,” the Incubator will help you build a true brand with raving fans. If you just want to sell spatulas and make a few quick dollars, this isn’t what you’re looking for.
  • You have bought courses/memberships in the past but never got around to actually going through them. In Cap Inc you are expected to complete assignments and attend coaching calls each week. With limited space, there is no room for tire kickers.
  • You have a service based business with no intention to offer any kind of physical product. While many of the principles discussed in the Incubator are relevant no matter what industry you are in, the content is heavily focused on physical products brands, so purely service-based business owners may be left wanting more.
  • You want hand-holding the whole way.  Cap Inc will give you the tools you need for success, but we aren’t here to make decisions for you or answer questions that you can look up on Google (e.g, “How do I set up an Amazon account?”)

No. If you are looking to learn the ins and outs of Amazon, this is not the program you’re looking for. We do talk about selling on Amazon and cover some tactics, but the way we see it, Amazon is only a place to take orders. Instead, Cap Inc focuses on building your actual brand so that you can sell on or off of Amazon.

Nope! Although we recommend our students start on Amazon if they’re just getting started, you can sell on any platform you want. We only recommend starting on Amazon because there is a low barrier to entry and Amazon is one of the easiest places to get started taking orders.

Cap Inc is a year long program split into two semesters. During the first semester you will receive weekly lessons, coaching calls, homework, and action steps. The goal is to build your audience, launch your product and get to ten sales a day by the end of the first semester.

Semester two is focused on scaling your brand and releasing new products. During the second semester you’ll continue attending regular coaching calls and working with coaches to get unstuck. During semester two we will also bring in guests from our network that may include successful business owners, investors, and high level advisors.

We recommend that you have at least $25k available to you when you sign up. This covers the cost of the program for the year and enough capital to get your business launched. Keep in mind that the actual amount of capital needed to launch your brand can vary greatly depending on your niche and product, so you may need more or less than the full $25k.

Coaching calls are currently held on Thursday afternoons, but call times are subject to change.

Each week you can expect to spend anywhere from 5-15 hours working on coursework and your business. The time commitment varies depending on the stage you’re in, and can even vary from week to week. 

Each week you will have a 90 minute coaching call, 30-60 minutes of pre-recorded trainings, and assignments from your coaches.

If you already have a business up and running, or a business idea in mind, that’s great! 

If you’re starting from scratch and have no business idea at all, that’s great, too.

We’ve had students come in with an existing business and a solid plan and take off from there. But others come in thinking they’d go one direction and end up changing their plan completely after gaining some clarity. Others still come in knowing only that they want to build a business, and we help them find their way, too. So, don’t worry; during the first month of the course you will dial in your person, products, and business plan.

It depends on what comes to mind when you think of “the basics”. We will not show you how to do things you can easily Google (e.g, setting up an Amazon store or setting up a Facebook page). We do cover the principles you need to succeed no matter what level your business or experience is. 

If you have absolutely no background in business, you may find the program to be fast-paced BUT you’ll still find all the information you need provided, including guiding you through picking your audience and product.

No worries! If you get stuck, you can ask your question during the weekly coaching call, or you can post in the private group to get answers/feedback from the coaches and fellow students. We want you to feel supported and empowered as you move forward building your business so we are always happy to help!

Not putting in the time and work.

We can give you all the tools, information, and strategies you need… but none of it matters if you don’t show up and do the work. Commit to being on the live calls, doing the weekly assignments, and making decisions that keep you moving forward.

We guarantee that we will show up to every coaching call, ready to serve you and help you to take the next step toward your goals.

We guarantee that we will create a safe, creative container for you to share openly, make connections, make decisions, and take steps toward a business that excites you.

We guarantee to bring the resources, connections, and coaching that you need to take steps forward.

We guarantee that our coaches and trainers will be vetted, experienced, and capable of helping you build a business that is viable.

That is our guarantee.
Now we ask: can you guarantee the same?

Can you guarantee that you will show up to every coaching call (or, at least most of them), ready to make the next important decision?

Can you guarantee that you will share with the community and be open to feedback, even when it stings?

Can you guarantee that you will stay coachable, open to constructive criticism, and stay the course, even though there will be doubts, late nights, and moments of "WTF did I just do?"

Can you guarantee that you can give this an honest "go" for at least six months?

If so, then we'd like to invite you to apply below.

We sure do! Check out what they’re saying below.

Still Not Sure? Hear What Our Members Are Saying

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Here’s what Billy Gene, founder of Billy Gene Is Marketing Inc., had to say when he joined us for a recent Cap Inc call with our members:
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