A migraine is more than just a bad headache. It's a serious—often debilitating—neurological condition that affects over 39 million people in the U.S. alone. And Scott Griffin, founder of Migrastil, knew the pain of a sudden migraine all too well.

Instead of suffering in silence, Scott found natural ways to treat his migraines at home. He discovered a combination of supplements that worked well for him and wanted to share them with the world. While some natural remedies existed, there weren't any all-in-one-products on the market, so he decided to make one. In just a few years, Migrastil surpassed $2.5 million in sales.

All Work + No Sunlight = Migraine Trigger

Scott remembers studying and working hard during most of his adult life. He obtained multiple master's degrees, ran a web design agency, and eventually landed a job with the State Department. However, the everyday grind started taking a toll on Scott. His daily commute was over an hour each way, and he spent most days without seeing any sunlight. While Scott loved his job, he hated the lifestyle. And in his mid-40s, he realized the stress would eventually kill him, or at the very least, trigger a few migraines.

After reading Tim Ferriss's The 4-Hour Workweek, Scott knew he wanted to make a change to improve the quality of his life. The book re-piqued his interest in online business. Scott's vision for a migraine relief brand formed because of his own struggles with the condition, and he sought to help others find relief. But he didn't jump into the natural remedy world looking for instant success. "I just wanted a hobby," he recalls. Migrastil launched in February of 2014.

Scott began his entrepreneurial journey selling on Amazon and eventually opened a Shopify website. The Migrastil brand serves everyone who suffers from migraines, not just one demographic. His largest customer base is women between the ages of 35-55. And raving customer testimonials prove the products aren't gimmicky snake oils—they really work!

The brand's most popular product, the Migrastil Migraine Stick, is a proprietary blend of essential oils and coconut oil that Scott whipped up in his kitchen. It launched in 2016 and has been an enormous hit, accounting for 90% of the brand's sales. (Which is funny since the stick was only supposed to be a lead magnet to build an email list.) Although it's not a cure, the ingredients create a counterirritant effect to help reduce pain. 

Tackling Growing Pains Thanks to the Capitalism Fund

Scott grew Migrastil from nothing in 2014 to $2.5 million all by himself. But he never planned for this level of success. Although cash flow wasn't an issue, the company did experience some growing pains. Constantly working to keep up with demand was exhausting. Scott wanted to learn how to scale without putting in more hours.

"I'm sure I'm not the only entrepreneur who flirts with burnout."

Scott Griffin

Luckily, Scott was very familiar with Ryan. He first started listening to his podcasts during his long commutes. Ryan's teachings, personality, and outlook really resonated with him. In early 2020, Scott joined The One Percent, and by summer, he started talking to Ryan about the Capitalism Fund. "I needed the guidance on how to grow my company," he remembers. After letting the lawyers do their thing, Scott finally signed all the paperwork in early 2021.

Ryan taught Scott what to do, but more importantly, what NOT to do. His first piece of advice was to hire an operations manager, which Scott did immediately. He advertised the position on Indeed, and a flood of applications followed. One candidate stood out, however, because she already had experience from past jobs. Hiring her took a lot of weight off Scott's shoulders.

The Capitalism Fund also showed Scott how to have a more focused vision. Before, Scott worked so much that he didn't have time to be strategic. Instead, he found himself stuck in a reactive mode. Partnering with Ryan, however, showed Scott how to simplify things. Having a strategy lets you grow and keep your sanity.

"What's the point of growing a company and being financially successful if you're sick?"

Scott Griffin

Today, Scott's workday looks a lot different. Migrastil not only helps its customers, but it also changed Scott's life completely. His commute is history, he has more time to spend with his partner of 21 years, and he now gets to see the sun. "My lifestyle is much better now. I think I'll definitely live longer," he reflects on the brand's success. 

A Future Free of Migraines

Scott has a lot in the pipeline for the Migrastil brand. It's his vision to become THE natural migraine relief brand. While a few companies make supplements or sell knock-offs of the migraine stick, there's not really one brand devoted to the natural migraine relief niche.

The brand will also team up with TurnKey and focus on Facebook and Instagram advertising. But Scott doesn't underestimate the power of organic marketing. When you have a great product, it will sell itself. As he puts it, "The right person picking it up is gold. It's better than any advertising." And that theory proved true when a single BuzzFeed article caused a massive spike in sales a few years ago. 

Funding Advice to Prevent a Migraine

The Capitalism Fund has been a blessing for Migrastil. It's helped Scott streamline the brand and build a focused strategy. Could funding also help your business overcome some growing pains? Here's what Scott wants you to consider before seeking funding.

First and foremost, get to know your investors before pulling the trigger. Scott spent time on Zoom with Ryan and Sam to make sure they all shared the same goal and path to get there. "It's a lot like a marriage. You want to make sure you're marrying the right person," he wants to remind TOP members.

Make sure you have an LLC. And as soon as you can afford it, get product liability insurance. This advice is especially crucial if you sell anything ingestible or topical. It could save your butt down the road.

Running a business isn't always easy. It may even trigger a migraine. Want a better way to reduce the pain? Check out Migrastil online for all-natural migraine support that's stronger than migraines.