Oh, and he’s only 30. So, there’s that.

In 2014, Daniel Lindsey was working as a mechanic at CarMax, where he learned a ton of life and business skills. Skills he might not have realized he’d one day use to create a vast empire. 

But first, there were chokers. Flash back to the 1990s and then forward again to a brief four months in 2017 when everything old was new again, necklace-wise. Daniel did multiple six figures selling them online, his first go at e-commerce. He may have walked away with only about $20K in profits, but he was hooked. This was the proof he needed to see that he could do it.

After the tides of fashion turned, he took a day job working in drop shipping and fulfillment. He stayed for three years, getting a priceless education and making multiple sixes. Nice, but he knew he wanted more - and that he was capable of building something amazing.

The Birth of Beakon Outfitters

That next something was Beakon Outfitters, selling tactical and survival gear, which he self-funded from his job. In 2020, they did over $4.5M. $3.9M in 2021. But recently, they took their foot off the gas for a bit to pivot a bit and double down on serving their customers even more.

The whole time Beakon was getting going, Daniel kept thinking, “I need my own fulfillment company, because I know how to automate things - it’s so simple, and I could save a bunch of money.” At the time, he was running Beakon out of his buddy’s basement and still working his day job - even though he was doing $300K per month. 

Daniel intentionally set the whole thing up as a turnkey business, knowing that if he wanted to sell it someday, it could run perfectly without him. He spent maybe 2-3 hours a day working on it. Sounds like the Owner’s Model, eh? 

When he finally made the leap into Beakon and away from his day job, he decided to try to buy a warehouse. He figured he’d need to lease the building, since the company was only a year old. But nooooooo, the SBA approved him for a mortgage that allowed him to buy a 6,000 square foot warehouse in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

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And Then... His Warehouse

Here, Limitless Fulfillment was born. They’ve been in the new facility for about 18 months now, and count many members of the Capitalism.com community among the brands they serve. He loves serving them because it’s easy to relate with them and to help them make logistics decisions they may not have otherwise thought about. Daniel says, “They’re passionate about their products and their brands, and they want to do the best possible for their customers. They’re not just there to sling some product and make some money. They’re trying to build a long-term brand and following, and that’s really enjoyable.”

Beakon Births Myjestix Cornhole

Beakon continues to be a powerhouse. It was from some of its earnings that Daniel started Myjestix Cornhole, a professional cornhole supplier. Betcha didn’t know cornhole had a professional league! Now you know a thing. Whip that baby out at your next BBQ.

These aren’t the typical bean bags like you’d find at Aunt Marge’s family reunion. These are, to butcher Wanda Sykes, “professional… bean bags.” A set averages $90-$100; boards are $325 and up. 

Plus, the business checks all the boxes. It’s fun. It’s got a very niche, loyal, raving, yay even obsessive fan base. These aren’t your average backyard chuckers. These players are at it 5-6 nights a week. The really serious ones travel across the country to play in tournaments - aired on ESPN!

The gap Daniel saw in the marketplace was about customer service. The big competitors have been plagued by bad customer service and horrible delivery times. They couldn’t scale their logistics and ops… but he sure could, given his background.

How's It Going for Daniel Lindsey?

Of course, there’s been a learning curve. Beakon is a big affiliate marketing play. 10 orders? Cool. 500 orders? Just cooler, but not harder. With Myjestix, it’s different, but worth it because Daniel’s building something much more long-term, sustainable, and potentially way more valuable. 

Myjestix got rolling in January, at $0. They’ve been slowly building, finishing last month just under $6K in sales. But in the past week, Daniels had multiple sales per day, which is a huge win.


Daniel’s quick to say there are still lots of ups and downs… just like that entrepreneur meme with the crazy up and down trajectory. One day you will think you’re brilliant. The next you’ll wonder what you’re doing with your life. And the next, you may feel unstoppable. It doesn’t stop when you reach the next level. There are still the voices in your head that want to freak you out and make you second-guess your next decision. That’s just the unadvertised side-benefit of becoming an entrepreneur: you get a built-in personal development program to force help you grow. And it helps to surround yourself with people who really get it.

If only there was a place you could find such people. Hmm.

Your Turn?

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