Elevator Pitch 

Integral transforms vehicles into personalized machines optimized for space, storage, and security. We design, manufacture, and patent new, unique automotive accessories that save customers time, money, and stress. 

Business Description


Integral is a 5-year-old automotive accessory company that reimagines how families travel, commute, work, and play. We are a fast-growing company that is set to disrupt the old-school, stagnant vehicle accessory market with new, patented solutions. Integral is an engineering-led company that fully focuses on unique product development to solve various issues with cars and trucks. Whether it’s taking the kids to school, running the family business, or hitting the outdoors, we can better set up vehicles for individual needs. We currently have 15 active SKUs with 5 more in active prototyping stages, and 5 additional in the design stage. 

The company is segmented into two parts, Integral Travel, and Integral Truck. Integral Travel focuses on products for busy families and targets the very underserved female market for vehicle accessories. Integral Travel is an industry leader in cup holder expanders, has the world’s only crash-tested car seat trays and consoles, and is currently developing new solutions to optimize trunk storage. 

Integral Truck focuses on those who use trucks and SUVs for work and play. We are an emerging category king of toolbox mounting systems for truck beds, truck bed security systems, and interior drawer systems. It’s truck gear for everything from the job site to the backcountry. 

Being fully involved with vehicles personally and professionally gives us a fresh perspective on emerging technologies and trends in this market. A focus on manufacturing gives us a distinct product and logistical advantage as we determine more efficient ways to create and distribute our products. This provides Integral with a larger margin opportunity than any others in the space. 

We have not accepted outside investment capital other than inventory debt financing. An influx of capital presents a massive opportunity to dominate newly created markets and continue scaling our proven income streams. 


Vehicles come from the manufacturer as generic, one-size-fits-all machines. Unoptimized vehicles increase stress and waste time. Current options for vehicle accessories are significantly overpriced for the quality provided. 

Aside from the products themselves, current automotive accessory leaders have very outdated, traditional product distribution and marketing methods. They have also seemingly distanced themselves from customers leading to decreased innovation and reliance on past product lines for the vast majority of the business. 


Integral outfits vehicles with products to ensure everything from a commuter to a mobile work office is properly set up for the desired drive. Our products enhance storage, security, and protection while simultaneously saving all the time required to pack up a vehicle for the desired task or trip. 

Before our products are developed, all designs are based on marketing, logistics, and price. For existing products, this gives us a unique competitive advantage over the competition's slim margins by significantly reducing overhead and shipping costs while also providing a higher-quality product. For new products, we also have a competitive advantage by making it a core value to communicate directly with customers. Customers are now coming directly to us for much needed solutions allowing us to have a first-mover advantage. This provides us with an opportunity to patent products and own new market segments. 

We also bring a fresh approach to marketing and product distribution in the space. The benefits of the products themselves are influencer magnets allowing us to receive tons of free exposure from creators. Between paid, organic, and influencer marketing, we are setting ourselves up to be the new face of vehicle accessories.   


According to Vantage Market Research, the global vehicle accessory market was an estimated $442 billion in 2022. With an estimated compound annual growth rate of 6.30%, that would put the market at over $720 billion by 2030, with interior, exterior, and security accessories making up the bulk of the sales. This growth is primarily driven by increased vehicle sales, increased security concerns, increased comfort demands, and a rising need for personal comfort. 

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Business Model 

Direct to Consumer 

We thrive under direct-to-consumer, e-commerce sales and marketing. At this stage of the business, we want the entire customer experience to be under our full control. There are not yet any firm plans to diversify as we want to focus entirely on what has been proven to work. In the future, we may reevaluate wholesale and retail channels. 

Strategic Model 

Our product strategy is to continuously discover new customer problems and solve them with proprietary solutions. In the beginning product stages, we tend to thrive in blue-ocean markets that larger companies overlook and continue to expand the solution to broader market applications. During this expansion period, the product is taken past a minimum viable release and has all the additional features added to it that customers have requested.