Whether coworking within a physical or virtual setting, Adam Neumann established a way to foster business meetings and space: WeWork. The titular co-founder of the workspace enterprise made several investments throughout his career, which made him immensely wealthy even after stepping down as head of WeWork. Read on to discover how Adam Neumann created a billion-dollar empire and the assets and challenges he encountered in his journey.

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Net Worth$2.2 billion
Age:44 years old
Born:April 25, 1979
Height: 6ft 5in (1.96m)
Country of Origin: Israel
Source of Wealth:Entrepreneur and Investor

What is Adam Neumann's net worth? 

Adam Neumann is worth approximately $2.2 billion.

Who is Adam Neumann? 

Adam Neumann is an Israeli businessman and venture capitalist known for co-founding the WeWork enterprise and being its former Chief Executive Officer. He was born on April 25, 1979, in Be'er-Sheva, Israel. He obtained formal education from the Israeli Naval Academy and Zicklin School of Business at Baruch College. Neumann ventured into business with the infant cloth brand, Krawler, which ended in debt. In 2008, he worked with his colleague Miguel McKelvey, creating the workspace enterprise Green Desk, which they sold to launch their prominent business, WeWork, in 2020.

Neumann was WeWork’s first CEO, intending to create work venues promoting work cooperation. The company grew tremendously, with over 700 outfits in 39 countries worldwide. This endeavor, coupled with various investments made to diverse franchises, amassed Neumann considerable wealth and earned him an estimated worth of $14 billion. With the company set to become public, Neumann stepped down as CEO due to inappropriate activities as head of the company. After resigning, he ventured further into real estate, developing the housing company Flow while serving as a consultant to WeWork. Neumann is married to Rebekah Neumann, a fellow entrepreneur, and has six children.

What are the sources of income of Adam Neumann? 

Adam Neumann is a prominent investor with several assets and businesses throughout his career. These ventures include the following:

Real Estate Investments 

Neumann acquired acquisitions in real estate, and after his resignation as WeWork’s CEO, he ventured further into the housing market with the company Flow.

WeWork Business 

Neumann co-created the coworking office space enterprise WeWork with Miguel McKelvey in 2010, creating and significantly adding to his wealth.

Partnering with Investment Firms 

The WeWork co-founder collaborated with several investors, including

Internet Businesses 

The business mogul invested in online business services such as Tunity with mobile apps for users. 

Earned Income from Speaking Engagements 

Adam undertakes public speaking sessions, such as his engagement at Disrupt NY. Booking agencies indicate his income ranges from $100 thousand per session.

Luxury Goods Collection 

Neumann owns several properties, including a lavish estate in Manhattan worth $37.5 million, a deluxe compound in Hampton, and a homestead in Westchester, which he sold after his tenure as WeWork’s CEO. 


One of Adam Neumann’s supporters in WeWork was his wife Rebekah, whose inheritance contributed to the business’s start.


Part of the capital Neumann used to fund WeWork was a one-million-dollar wedding gift from his wife’s parents.

Entrepreneurship Contests 

Adam engaged in an entrepreneurship competition while at the Zicklin School of Business. He did not win the contest, but he pursued his endeavors in business regardless.

Stock Market Investments 

Throughout his career, Neumann invested and owned stocks in several companies, including:

What does he invest in? 

Adam Neumann acquires assets in real estate, startup tech companies, a recreational drug franchise, and a leisure facility establishment. These companies include:


How much is Adam Neumann's net worth? 

Adam Neumann has an estimated $2.2 billion net worth.

What is Adam Neumann's career history? 

As an entrepreneur, Neumann engaged in a few ventures which contributed to his wealth. These businesses include:

  • Krawlers, a children’s clothing franchise
  • Co-creating GreenDesk in 2008
  • Co-founding WeWork in 2010
  • Investments in several companies
  • Establishing Flow, a real estate company, in 2022

How did Adam Neumann co-found WeWork? 

Adam Neumann co-created the WeWork coworking company with Miguel McKelvey after they sold their previous franchise, Green Desk.

What assets does Adam Neumann own? 

The wealthy entrepreneur owns several investments, such as:

How did the WeWork IPO impact Adam Neumann's wealth? 

Neumann had an estimated $14 billion net worth from his role at WeWork and its investments. With the company going public and some controversies, Neumann resigned as its CEO, with his worth significantly reduced to approximately $2.2 billion

Where did Adam Neumann receive his education? 

Adam Neumann received his education from the Israeli Naval Academy and Zicklin School of Business in Baruch College, New York City.

What are some of the companies Adam Neumann has invested in? 

Neumann invested in several companies, including

What are some of Adam Neumann's hobbies? 

Adam Neumann is an avid investor, start-up financier, and recreational drug explorer.

What is Adam Neumann's marital status? 

The former WeWork CEO is married to Rebekah Neumann, with whom he has six children.

What has been Adam Neumann's most outstanding accomplishment? 

Neumann’s most notable achievement is the surprising change brought by the WeWork shared office spaces adoption since its inception. He turned the workspace idea into a business that accrued his impressive wealth, even after stepping down as CEO.


Adam Neumann's endeavors in trade and investing show that entrepreneurs can retain financial freedom despite losses incurred from their ventures. His penchant for asset acquisition made him wealthy, and Neumann aims to keep expanding his business ventures.

We at Capitalism.com welcome the idea of building wealth by creating solutions for people. Neumann's idea of convenient workspaces for business meetings and collaboration in physical and virtual venues encouraged a healthy work ethic among workers.

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