“Sexism, as well as racism, ableism, homophobia and all other oppressions, derives from class oppression; therefore, in order to tackle any one of these oppressions we must also fight capitalism.”

The above quote is just one of many posted on Marxist web pages across the internet. However, targeting capitalism as the perpetrator or sexism was established far before the first computer started up.

Marx claimed that women’s role in the nuclear family was the cause of female oppression, and women's liberation - predictably - was to abolish capitalism.

The Russian Revolutionary Inessa Armand said, “If women’s liberation is unthinkable without communism, then communism is unthinkable without women’s liberation.”

No matter how many rally cries echo across the internet, capitalism is not the oppressor, but instead the liberator of women.

It is not that capitalism is the most efficient economic system for women or that it has the singular goal of liberating women. Instead, it is because capitalism is the most beneficial system for all individuals, both men and women.

Capitalism focuses on the freedom of all individuals, no matter their sex, as it removes the necessity of coercion from relationships.

Capitalism.org says it best, explaining that capitalism is the system that guarantees the equality of rights, not the equality of results. It cares not about one's sex, but by what value he or she can give to society around them.

The political system that accompanies capitalism is one where all individuals have the same rights at the start, so men and women share the same political rights in this society. This position cares not about the physical capacity of women but instead celebrates that men and women have the same mental capacity to create value in society.

Other economic systems such as socialism, place more value on an individual's physical capacity than their mental capacity. Capitalism allows for individuals to choose where and how they can create value, either through mental or physical pursuits.

In a capitalistic system, a woman can be a CEO or mechanic, because it is the system that gives her the freedom to choose.

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