Two years ago, Hal Elrod was a budding and successful entrepreneur.

With a world-recognized best seller under his belt and a thriving business, Hal was on a trajectory of growth and success.

He also had a young and beautiful family. From the outside world, Hal had it all.

But it was all threatened when he was diagnosed with a form of cancer that has just a 10% chance of survival. 

Hal was forced to face death square in the face.

Entrepreneurs focus on growth, accomplishment, and overcoming challenges. But Hal had to face the biggest challenge of his life, and his business was put on hold. 

To save his life, his health, and his family, Hal had to automate his business and put his accomplishments on hold. As a result, Hal overcame impossible odds and beat the cancer.

Today, he has a unique perspective on lifestyle design and entrepreneurship. After working to achieve success, he was threatened with losing it all. Today, he offers his perspective on what is truly important in life.

In his largest public appearance since receiving a clean bill of health, Hal will headline The Capitalism Conference this December in Austin, TX. For the first time, Hal will discuss how his views on life and business were impacted after facing death square in the face.

As the result of meeting Hal, you will intentionally construct your business to give you the life and freedom to pursue what is most important. You will be reminded that you got into this game for a better life, and you will discover what is most important to you.

Hal joins an already star-studded lineup that includes Daymond John, Kimbal Musk, Brian Lee, Jeff Hoffman, the viral sensations behind Poo-Pourri, and a series of thought leaders in business and investing.

At The Capitalism Conference, you will get clear on what you want your life to mean, how to build a business that leaves a legacy, and create income and passive cash flow that allows you to live the life that you desire.

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