Entrepreneur Dad Ryan Daniel Moran received some alarming blood work results that forced him to reassess his health habits.

Entrepreneurship is fraught with poor health habits. You could be killing yourself with your work, and you haven’t even noticed it yet as a new entrepreneur dad.

Let’s imagine you're an entrepreneur dad, and this is a busy week for you. You have lots of meetings, handle an enormous amount of internal and external correspondence, go through negotiations with a potential joint venture partner, and so on.

You haven’t had time to exercise that week. You’ve been skipping breakfast to rush to the office, nothing more than a cup of coffee in your gut until you wolf down a fast-food lunch. By the time you’re in bed, you’re so wound-up from the day’s stresses and the tasks ahead the next day that you can’t sleep.

Dr. Anthony Balduzzi knows first-hand the tolls that hard work can take on an entrepreneur dad. It’s how he lost his father when he was 10 years old. He’s vowed since then to work to keep fathers healthy and alive to be there for their loved ones.

Checking in with a professional will let you know how your body is doing

Even if you think you’re doing well by your health, you could be putting your body in trouble.

Ryan recently got some blood work done and ran it by Anthony. Ryan was surprised to discover some hormone issues and other concerns in the test results.

And one look at Ryan wouldn’t make you think that he’s unhealthy. He has a great physique from regular and frequent exercise, eats pretty well, and takes some supplements (which he looked into after reading a lot about personal health). He doesn’t drink alcohol beyond the occasional glass of wine.

But Ryan admits he’s stressed out and hasn’t been sleeping well. He works long hours; he has been for years, building up his business.

And that’s enough to lead to some potential health problems down the road. Health problems you might be facing yourself if you’re not careful.

So he’s open to make changes to make sure he can get back on track with living a good, clean entrepreneur dad life.

Don’t put off your health until it’s too late

Unconvinced you need to take your health more seriously?

Anthony started the Fit Father Project because his dad neglected his health so much in favor of his work that it killed him.

He died at 42. Anthony was 10.

That could be you if you don’t respect your body’s need to be taken care of properly.

Anthony has since become a doctor, focusing on getting fathers into their best shape. He works with lots of entrepreneurs who have very hectic lifestyles that make it easy to neglect themselves.

He recommends that all fathers talk to healthcare providers about their current well-being, and see what needs to be changed.

Here are some general tips from Dr. Anthony to help entrepreneurs take back their health:

#1 – Diet

Just like a car needs the right gas to keep going, you need the right diet to stay healthy. There are a variety of diets which all have their pros and cons, but Anthony has found one commonality amongst all good diets:

Eating whole foods with low carbohydrate consumption and moderate-to-high healthy fat consumption promotes good health.

Try eating more beans, fruits, and vegetables. You’ll feel a change.

#2 – Restoration Rituals

Restoration rituals -- habitual activities that make you feel better - also provide great value. These include things like proper hydration when you wake up in the morning, a five-minute morning exercise that you enjoy, followed-up by a familiar low-carbohydrate breakfast. Making healthy habits makes good health.

#3 – Sleep

The value of good sleep can’t be underestimated. Sleeping badly correlates strongly with a number of different health concerns. While we all have late nights every now and then because of a variety of demands, make sure you prioritize a full night’s sleep as much as you can.

#4 – Supplements

Supplements can also provide quality returns on your health. Get in touch with a professional to see if they can be right for you.

Look at your loved ones. You owe it to them to be there in the future.

No sum of money made from your business can be enough to fill the void of a lost partner, a lost parent. Take care of yourself so you can be present for those who matter most.