Hal Elrod, best-selling author of "the Miracle Morning," says out of his six daily steps successful people follow to transforming their lives, there is one that should be non-negotiable.

"If I had to pick one of the SAVERS [silence, affirmations, visualization, exercise, reading and scribing], I believe affirmations are the most powerful form of personal development," he said in December during an interview backstage at the Capitalism Conference.

That is, if done right.

The traditional definition of an affirmation is a statement or proposition that is declared to be true. These words of truth, if spoken with intention, are used to provide emotional support or encouragement.

Here are three tips from Hal on how to make results-oriented affirmations:

No. 1: Don't Lie to Yourself

Unfortunately, traditional affirmations tend to set people up for disappointment.

"Lying to yourself doesn't work," says Elrod. You can't just say "I am a millionaire," or "I am a successful entrepreneur," even if you're not, and trick yourself into believing it.

People around the world use affirmations like these, written or said as though they have already become or achieved something that they have not. Goal setting is one thing, but lying to yourself does not work for most people.

Instead, affirmations should be phrased to describe what you want and what you are committed to doing, Elrod says.

No. 2: Be Specific and Selective

An affirmation serves a reminder of what matters most to you. Choose language that reinforces the why behind what matters, and the specifics you will do to live in alignment.

A clear affirmation could be this: To guarantee that I double my income, I am committed to doubling daily prospecting calls from 20 to 40 calls, five days a week, from 8-9 a.m., no matter what.

No. 3: Use Affirmations as Your Daily Strategic Compass

If you use affirmations strategically each day, Elrod says they will serve as your compass. Affirmations can keep you on track and guided in the direction of your goals and dreams.

The words you choose to speak to yourself essentially program your subconscious mind with the confidence that you need to achieve everything you want. This is how you override self-doubt and self-limitations.


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