What IS crony capitalism?

We’ve all seen it in movies. A behind-closed-doors agreement is made to give a government contract to a business in exchange for throwing votes a certain politician’s way. It makes us sick, but we know it happens. THAT is one example of crony capitalism. It’s at the heart of many of the political and economic decisions that go on in the United States, and today’s guest and his co-founder are out to stop it. Nick Sorrentino is co-founder of www.AgainstCronyCapitalism.org. Their mission is to enhance freedom, transparency, opportunity, and honest markets by exposing and doing away with crony capitalism once and for all. On this episode you’re going to hear an engaging conversation about what CC is, steps that can be taken to make people aware of it, and ways the average consumer/voter can make their voice heard.
Even if you think you’re against capitalism, you’re probably not.

That’s because much of the way you live your life in the United States is fueled by capitalism. It’s what makes your lifestyle and the income you enjoy possible. What you’re probably against is the caricature of capitalism that has been created through an abuse of the capitalist system - a practice where the political and economic elite continue to grease their own wheels while leaving others out in the cold. We’re not talking about a conspiracy theory here - it’s a demonstrable fact of the way things currently work between big business, government, and even labor unions. On this episode you’re going to get an introduction to the real culprit: crony capitalism. And you’ll hear what you can begin to do about it.

Don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater.

When it comes to economic systems, capitalism can be proven as the most advantageous and freedom producing system in the history of the world. Yes, that’s a big claim - but it’s true. But many people don’t feel that way. The reason is that many of the big players in the capitalist system have given the system a bad name by the WAY they operate within it. From bailouts to buying votes there are many abuses that have happened over the years. Crony capitalism - the REAL problem - has soured many freedom loving people on the system that provides the very freedoms they hold dear. On this episode Nick Sorrentino is going to unpack the reality of crony capitalism and show you how you can get involved in bringing down the giant.

David killed Goliath. Now it’s your turn.

Crony capitalism is not going away until more and more people understand it and get involved in bringing it down. You can make a difference by paying attention to the issue, having rational and clear conversations about crony capitalism with those in your circle, helping to dispel the myths about capitalism, and voting for politicians who are outspoken against the crony capitalism way of doing business. Together we can make a difference and today’s guest, Nick Sorrentino is full of ideas about what you can do to get moving, so be sure to listen to his advice on this episode.

Are you willing to speak up against crony capitalism?

Even though bringing down a corrupt way of doing things, like crony capitalism, is daunting - there are are some fairly simple things that anybody can do to build toward change. The most important is to talk with people in your circles about the issue. When you hear somebody railing against the capitalist system, wade into the conversation to listen, understand their beef, and then get busy setting the record straight about how capitalism is not the problem - crony capitalism is. As more and more people become aware of the issue the conversation changes and people on both sides of the political spectrum can find ways to cooperate and make changes for the better. You’ll get some great fuel for that fire on this episode, so do what you can do listen.

Outline Of This Great Episode

    • [0:10] Introduction of today’s guest: Nick Sorrentino, co-founder of www.AgainstCronyCapitalism.org


    • [0:32] Definition of crony capitalism and some real life examples of it.


    • [3:13] Why Nick and his team began their movement against crony capitalism.


    • [5:12] How the crony capitalism issue can bridge the political gap between the left and right.


    • [6:42] How crony capitalism relates to Donald Trump and his potential Presidency.


    • [10:15] How crony capitalism impacts the marketplace and economy.


    • [12:42] Entrepreneurs are hurt when crony capitalism is employed.


    • [14:20] How CC impacts the everyday consumer.


    • [15:53] The steps to getting rid of crony capitalism.


    • [17:34] Are penalties appropriate and how would they be applied?


    • [18:40] Raising awareness of the difference between capitalism and crony capitalism and how both Republicans and Democrats play the game.


    • [20:57] Other steps toward changing things.


    [24:27] Proposing a new way of looking at things.

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