Will there be an economic depression in 2024? How will the election turn out? 
We may be starting one of the most unusual years ever but Ryan has his business, ecommerce, and political predictions ready and shares how all of this will affect your money.

The good news is, if you know where to look, there will be countless ways you can make $1,000,000 or more in the new year.

While everyone else is playing it safe if you bet on yourself and an abundant future this could be the best time ever to start a new business, learn new skills, or develop new business relationships that will take you to the next level.

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(0:00) - Predictions For 2024 

(1:00) - Economic Recession 

(3:00) - Ecommerce Trends 

(3:29) - Crypto Technology 

(5:00) - New Platforms 

(7:30) - E-commerce Conglomerates 

(9:20) - Political Predictions

(11:00) - AI and Entrepreneurship 

(15:00) - My Hope for 2024 

(17:10) - A Final Word Of Advice