How can you measure if your life is going in the right direction? How do you know if you are taking the right actions to achieve your goals?

I developed a process called the TRIBE 5 that lets you track 5 areas of investment into your life where you can make small deposits that compound into massive success.

This process has helped me make millions throughout my career, and if you pick your own 5 daily habits and check them off most days it would be hard for you NOT to be extremely successful.

Most entrepreneurs don’t really know how to most effectively use their time, let alone keep a score of the small habits that are creating the biggest change.
If you can stick to this process for even a few months your life and business will change forever.

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(0:00) The TRIBE 5
(6:00) Time 
(7:15) Relationships 
(9:20) Income
(10:46) Body 
(11:20) Expansion
(15:00) How I’m implementing this in my businesses 
(23:00) Tying it all together