There are 5 life lessons Ryan Daniel Moran has learned that will lead to true wealth.

If anyone understands and applies these they have a better than average chance at creating abundance in their life.

In this podcast Ryan reflects on his life's greatest successes and failures when it comes to gaining (and losing) a lot of money.

Since life is the result of doing things for a long time that create compounding returns, if you live by these 5 principles you will always consistently grow your wealth.

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(0:10) - Reflecting On Life & Business Decisions 

(1:50) - Compounding Returns Explained 
(4:00) - 5 Lessons That Lead To Compounding Results 
(4:30) - #1 - Nothing Happens Until Something Is Sold 
(7:50) - Making More Money In A Job 
(10:30) - #2 The Inverse Security Vs. Upside Law
(12:50) - Predictable Vs. Growth Investing 
(18:20) - #3 Things To Get Bigger 
(21:20) - Invest As Though The Market Will Be Up In 10 Years 
(24:20) - #4 If You Want To Build Wealth, You Have To Own Things
(26:00) - Owning A Piece Of A Growing Economy 
(27:30) - #5 Value Is Subjective. Value Is A Story 
(30:00) - Company Evaluations Explained 
(31:00) - Conclusion: Applying The 5 Life Lessons Of Wealth