In this episode I’m going to walk you through the 8-step playbook that we developed to help people that have read my book implement the plan to build a million dollar business.

That timeline can feel aggressive or even confusing to a lot of people but once you understand these 8 steps you’ll be able to see where they fall in that 12 month timeframe.

Whether you are stuck at 15 sales a day, launching your next product, or even if you’ve already surpassed $1M and growth has slowed, going through these 8 milestones will help you get unstuck and keep you moving forward.

Wherever you get stuck, come back to this podcast and find which step you’re on to continue. 
This process done correctly WILL get you to that $1M mark within 12 months. 

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(0:00) - The 8 Steps To $1 Million
(1:00) - Choosing Your WHO 
(2:00) - Getting 100 People On An Email List 
(5:45) - Launch Strategy
(9:40) - Your First 100 Reviews
(15:50) - Getting To 25 Sales Per Day 
(18:40) - Build A List of 100 Ambassadors
(22:30) - How To Launch More Products
(25:00) - Scaling To 100 Sales Per Day