Aubrey Marcus had an awesome chat with Ryan about getting everything you want out of life. Many of us believe that we can only chase certain goals by sacrificing other things we desire. Aubrey’s life is proof that we don’t have to do that; you need to listen to this podcast so you can incorporate his great advice right away. Here are some of his key points:

Time is not what you think it is

For Aubrey, 30 minutes of absolute presence with someone is worth 3 days of not really paying that much attention to them. If you give people and tasks concentrated attention, you can accomplish much more, since you are more efficient with your time.

Balance is something to be measured over a lifetime

Work-life balance is crucial, but it’s not what you think it is. Sometimes Aubrey parties and relaxes for a few days, and sometimes he has work “sprints” lasting months or years. You can put your nose to the grindstone for awhile, and then take a lot of time off to decompress, and that’s a balanced life.

Perpetual action is distraction

It’s really hard for entrepreneurs to take time away from their business. The self-validation that comes from economic success and hard work seems to disappear when one takes a vacation or pursues something else. Don’t get locked into a mindset that you have to keep at it all the time; that just distracts you from what’s really important in life.

It was great hearing Aubrey’s perspective on a life worth living!

Key takeaways:

  • Time is not what you think it is
  • Balance is something to be measured over a lifetime, and
  • Perpetual action is distraction

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