Josh Bezoni is the cofounder of BioTrust Nutrition. BioTrust hit $100M in revenue in its first calendar year in business.

After 12 years, Josh and his partner sold the business for multi 9 figures and Josh was left wondering "what's next?”

In this conversation we unpack how to reinvent yourself later in life after Josh prioritized his mental and physical health and how you can scale a massive business without compromising your time and wellbeing.

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(0:00) - $100M in 12 months

(7:54) - Can you actually be balanced?

(11:20) - Josh’s first company

(20:00) - Reinventing yourself at 50

(30:00) - Morning exercises for success

(33:00) - The key to staying young

(36:00) - The process of regrowth

(49:00) - What do you do when you’re depressed?

(55:00) - The frenetic nature of business

(1:12:00) - Advice for your younger self