There is a reason Billy Murphy’s name has been mentioned more than any other entrepreneur on Ryan's recent podcasts.

He doesn’t do a lot of media but many of the world’s most accomplished business owners turn to him for advice.

In recent years he has made more money than ever by leaning into what he calls “asymmetric bets” - business and investing opportunities that have really high upside with limited downside.

In this podcast Billy shares his thoughts on creating clarity, finding purpose in your life, and focusing on what really matters to make you millions and come into alignment with your highest purpose.

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(0:00) - Intro 
(4:00) - Billy Made Millions Investing In Apple 
(18:50) - Understanding Desire And Higher Level Thinking
(21:00) - Selfless Service 
(31:00) - Putting Your Mental Energy In Asymmetric Bets
(39:00) - Buying Yourself Freedom 
(47:00) - The Monk Next Door 
(52:00) - Escaping The Matrix 
(59:00) - The Relentless Pursuit Of More 
(1:14:00) - Stop Switching Games