Capitalism causes big problems in the world. 

No, you haven’t accidentally downloaded a podcast from Ryan hasn’t been taken over by aliens. You’re exactly in the right place. And if you get squeamish when people blame capitalism for disasters like oil spills and atrocities brought on by racism and racial inequality, this episode is exactly the one your brain will thank you for listening to today.

As it turns out, having problems in the world isn’t actually a problem.

In fact, by the time this discussion sinks in for you, you’ll have a whole new appreciation for problems. The bigger, the better! In fact, with this perspective, you’ll fall deeper in love with capitalism and entrepreneurs, too.

But even more importantly, you’ll leave this episode with a highly-effective (and enormously lucrative) way to think about problems - big or small, personal, business-related, or global. “Get this” and you’ll have a whole new way of thinking about your financial freedom.

Download this episode’s transcript here.