Codie Sanchez is the business woman that entrepreneurs go to when they want to acquire $1M in profit without building a business.

Her expertise lies in buying often overlooked "boring businesses" that generate cashflow and can scale to massive revenue numbers.

Ryan has mastered the playbook of building million dollar businesses but he is also surrounding himself with experts who deeply understand acquisition, meaning investing in or buying other businesses.

In this episode Ryan breaks down Codie's talk from the last Capitalism Conference to really analyze her wealth building strategies.

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0:00 - Ryan Moran Introduces Codie Sanchez

2:40 - Codie Sanchez On Buying Businesses

5:30 - Leveraged Buyouts - How To Acquire Without Using Your Own Money 

7:20 - Adding $1M In Profit Through Platform Acquisition

12:30 - Seller Financing Explained

19:00 - The Capitalism Fund - Ryan Explains The Portfolio Growth Strategy

20:40 - Thoughts On Recession Buying 

23:30 - Business Buying Opportunities In 2023/2024

24:30 - The Get Rich Tripod: Cash, Experience, Financing

31:00 - Why Codie Spends So Much Time Creating Content

32:30 - Surrounding Yourself With Experts

34:20 - Scaling Through Acquisition

35:30 - The Next Capitalism Conference