If you read, listen to, or watch any kind of business content you've no doubt seen Dan Martell absolutely blow up in the entrepreneurship media world lately.

But Ryan first met Dan about 8 years ago at a business event and has watched him go from building businesses and speaking directly to the entrepreneur community to becoming a household name and best-selling author.

In this podcast Ryan asks him how he has been able to scale his social media following, his investments, and perhaps most importantly, his quality of life.

Dan Martell shares how he has been able to grow in all of these different areas of life, his 5 non-negotiable habits he does every day, and how he runs at such a high level without ever getting burnt out.

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(0:00) - Dan Martell Introduction
(4:00) - Getting Started In Business & Meeting Ryan
(9:30) - Dan's First Exit 
(12:30) - How Dan Grew His Personal Brand 
(21:30) - How To Structure The Cap Table (Equity Ownership Split)
(31:00) - Winning In A Down Economy 
(35:00) - Creating Clarity Around Your Goals 
(43:00) - Personal Growth 
(52:00) - Dan’s 5 Non Negotiable Daily Habits