A funny thing happens after entrepreneurs have a big win.

Some dark, hidden part of us begins asking pretty terrible questions:

What if I never repeat that success? 

What if it was a fluke? 

What if I'm not that good? 

What if it was all my partner? 

What if I'm getting too old? 

What if I'm washed up now?

Even with evidence that we can win - because we have in the past, there’s this little part of us that is prone to feeling shame. Especially when we’re hanging around people who are further ahead of us in business or in life. 

So, how do we process that? How do we see ourselves clearly? And how do we use that awareness of “I’m not there yet” to move forward?

In this podcast, Ryan discusses how you can work with the self doubt and shame you might carry with you to serve you rather than to cripple you. 

Download this episode’s transcript here.