Brooke Castillo inspires me as an entrepreneur.

She is the founder of The Life Coach School, a massive empire that trains and certifies life coaches.

She really likes money and her results speak for themselves.

She has built a thriving 8-figure business while just a few years ago it was generating only 300k annually.

She has done all this while working only... THREE DAYS PER WEEK.

I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation and I think you will as well if you like money, if you like smart people,
and if you'd like to have more free time I think you'll get a lot out of it.

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Life coach. Master instructor. Author. Inspiration guru.

Brooke Castillo has several achievements but would you believe that she started out selling soccer balls on Amazon?

How did Brooke Castillo grow from a humble entrepreneur to founder of the Life Coach, a thriving 8-figure business?

Was it her marketing strategy? Her network? Pure luck?

This might surprise you but Brooke Catillo says her mindset was her greatest asset. But what is the secret to a mindset that has rewarded her with:

  • Profit
  • Success 
  • Prestige
  • And a 3-day work week

If you want to learn about a winning mindset to unlock a profitable business, then Brooke Castillo is serving exactly what you need to know.

The mindset that shackles us.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever thought like this.

I won’t be happy until I get that promotion.

I won’t be happy until I buy that sexy sports car.

I won’t be happy until my family moves into that two-story house.

It’s a limiting belief: you won’t be happy until you have something or reach a destination. You create fantasies that life will be perfect after making a million dollars or after you’re thin or after you stop drinking.

But this is self-sabotaging behavior.

Because what happens when you don’t have the perfect house or perfect body? You feel awful about yourself. 

But be honest. Are you just setting lofty goals or are you actually putting in the work?

We often complain that we don’t have enough time. Or it’s too difficult. Or the timing is never right.  We make excuses. We like excuses because they’re easy and self-indulgent. Why blame yourself when the world is at fault?

But here’s the reality: To reach your dreams, you need to work and suffer a little bit. Brooke Castillo says:

“Discomfort is the currency to your dreams”

Whether it’s building a business. Or losing weight. Or quitting alcohol. The beginning is always uncomfortable. But you need to accept it and press on anyway.

But there’s also a dark side to working hard.

Let’s talk about burnout.

There are a lot of components to building a business: marketing strategy, persuasive copy, landing pages, sales funnels, and more.

Ever try tackling them all at once? That’ll put you on the fastlane to burnout. That’s what happened to Brooke Castillo. She was:

  • Running a 1-on-1 coaching system
  • Group coaching
  • Building her membership site
  • Promoting three different book funnels
  • And more

Her plate was piling up and she needed time to digest.

How do you scale your business to 8 figures and save time?

Create space.

Breakthroughs result from having space to think.

You need to reserve time and energy to solve your problems. And you can’t do this when you’re always IN your problems.

From this space, you unravel  the next step that will propel your business forward. Brooke Castillo calls this deep contemplation superthinking.

And after a superthinking session, Brooke Castillo decided to focus on two things that would become her primary revenue drivers today:

  1. Her life coach certification course
  2. Group coaching classes

Focusing on these two aspects of her business, she built systems that allow her to work only three days per week now.

Brooke Castillo works less but harder? During those three working days, you better believe she’s in superthinking mode.

You’re a failure (and that’s okay).

How hard you believe is more important than your business model.


Brooke Castillo sees your shock and to that, she responds: 

"The first [business] model you do isn't gonna work . . .  This is the three-step process to making $100 million. Try something. Fail. Try something else."

And you fail again and again until you succeed. 

How hard you believe in yourself is what pulls you through each failure. And the best part is that you have 100% control over what you think.

It doesn’t get any better than today

You can’t postpone happiness and fulfillment to a later date.

It has to be today. It has to be now.

And maybe that’s disappointing. Maybe it angers you. Because you’re not where you want to be yet.

But imagine if it were true.

Nothing gets better than today. You can still have goals but today can still be amazing. Knowing this, maybe you feel less pressure. Less anxiety.

And everything you work for is because you want to do it. Because you enjoy it.

In this clarity grows all your best business ideas. You feel better about yourself. You make better decisions. And maybe, with the right tools and guidance, you can build an 8-figure business like Brooke Castillo.

You just need to believe in yourself.