One of our favorite brand builders, the serial entrepreneur Garret Akerson is back on the show.

Garret spoke at one of our Capitalism live events and you can find him on a previous podcast titled "How I Went From 0 To 1 Million Per Month Selling On Shopify" all about how he scaled his eCommerce business without having to touch Amazon.

But this time, after his recent healthy 8-figure exit Ryan wanted to ask him about what is really lighting him up right now - DAOs!

A DAO is a Decentralized autonomous organization - this is an organization that uses blockchain technology to provide a secure digital ledger in a transparent way.
Garret Akerson is using this organizational structure at to launch a constellation of 20 satellites to calculate the Earth's Radiation Imbalance (ERI), and become the oracle of climate data on-chain. Their aim is to tilt the climate back in favor of human life prior to reaching the point of no return.

And if you're suspicious of all the hype right now around Web3 and you know DAO becoming like a buzzword right now, Garret is right there with you.

But in this episode he described how they will *actually* change eCommerce and investing and business moving forward and all the exciting things on the horizon.

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