When you get to sit down with a founder who grew a million-dollar brand, you can learn a lot. 

But when you can sit down with a founder who took what they learned by growing one million-dollar brand and used it to grow their next brand to $100 million in less than two years… that’s even better.

That’s the conversation we’re sharing with you today.

Ryan spoke with Gabi Lewis, who’s built a fast growing new cereal company in record time. Let’s just say his first business didn’t have the widespread appeal of tasty, healthy cereal that reminds you of Saturday mornings and cartoons.

How did Gabi approach funding? What did he do brilliantly to acquire so many customers so quickly? How does he approach sponsorships? And how did he talk to his first business’ investors about backing a second project when the first one didn’t perform as anyone had hoped?

You’ll find out exactly what makes the difference between a 7-figure business and a 9-figure one. Gabi’s been featured in Forbes and Time magazine. But this interview is the only place you’ll hear answers to the questions you have as a successful brand owner looking to scale even bigger.

Give it a listen and let us know which point blew your mind.

Download this episode’s transcript here.