Max got started making $5,000/day selling microscopes online, and his parents didn't even know he was doing it.

In this episode he shares all of the different failures he has had since then before building and selling a multi-million dollar brand all before he was 22 years old.

He has a process for testing product ideas and once you hear how he thinks about spending a few hundred bucks for market validation that can tell you if there is potential to make millions, it could change everything.

He also shares what he is doing next for another business that he is expecting to be much, much bigger...

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(0:00) - Ryan Intro
(1:05) - Interview With Max Begins 
(1:40) - How Max Found His First Niche Market 
(3:50) - Losing $2,000 At 19 - First Business Failure
(7:10) - Choosing A Lucrative Market To Sell Products To 
(11:40) - The Tipping Point To Bring In More Sales 
(15:50) - Scarcity Vs. Abundance Mindset 
(22:30) - How Max Tests Products & Concepts With Less Than $500 
(31:20) - Finding "Home Run" Products 
(39:10) - Using Overseas Talent In The Philippines 
(49:50) - Final Thoughts On Testing Product Ideas
(55:50) - Ryan Outro And Conclusion