You’ve hit a wall.


Your business growth is sluggish at best. It’s discouraging.


Maybe people aren’t subscribing to your email list. Or your sales funnels aren’t driving enough purchases.


How do you overcome this slump?


Todd Herman has the answer for you. He helps entrepreneurs and athletes reach peak performance to get the results they want.


All within 90 days.


If you want to bring your business game to the next level within 90 days, follow these 3 tips from Todd Herman.

Tip #1: Todd Herman wants you to banish long-term goals.


Long term goals that are one or more years away are more like visions than goals.


Achieving goals is all about closing feedback loops.That means setting one goal due by a future date and then evaluating your results.


Goals set too far out take too long to close the feedback loop. Todd Herman proposes tackling one goal at a time in 90 day sprints.


But what’s so special about 90 days?


90 days is the horizon line to the mind. It’s still long-term but it’s close enough to feel like what we do today impacts that goal. 

Tip #2: To reach the mountain peak, you need to climb.


Think of the mountain peak as your outcome goal. 


  • In 90 days, I want to double my revenue.
  • In 90 days, I want to lose 20 pounds.



Many people define their outcome goals but neglect outlining the process. They focus on the peak but forget about the climb. To achieve our outcome goals, we need to be more process-oriented.


To do this, Todd Herman recommends setting bi-weekly process goals that follow a formula.

Todd Herman’s 4 W’s to setting process goals.


Process goals need to be specific and measurable. They need to contain the 4 W’s.




Remember those two outcome goals earlier? Here’s how you can break them down into process goals.



  • Every Tuesday and Thursday, you will workout at 10:00 am at the gym.


But you’re probably thinking: Is this simple formula really the answer?


Well, think about this:


The enemy of confidence and momentum is confusion and uncertainty.


Todd Herman advocates this simple model of setting 90 day outcome goals and bi-weekly process goals because you must be specific about what you’re doing. It streamlines the process to eliminate any confusion about what to do next.


We often give up on our dreams because we fear loss of control.


Outcome goals aren’t 100% guaranteed. You can’t 100% guarantee your revenue will double in 90 days. You can’t 100% guarantee that your body will drop 20 pounds in 90 days.


But you do have full control over your process goals. You control how often you show up. You control how hard you work.


Remember: goals are all about the climb.

Tip #3: If you’re afraid, step into the shoes of somebody who isn’t.


Todd Herman helps athletes create different personas when they compete. Some channel an animal like a lion or a bear. Others build a whole new identity.


You might call this an alter ego. Todd Herman calls it character crafting.


We all have insecurities that we sometimes carry into the workplace or arena. But doing this can hurt your results.


How do you strip away all the baggage that hampers performance? How would you perform if you became a person who wasn’t affected by those insecurities?


This is the essence of character crafting.


From body language to thought processes, Todd Herman helps entrepreneurs and athletes cultivate  high-performing personas.

Unlocking your superhero


Like superheroes who remove the glasses and don the costume, you also need an artifact to trigger your high-performing persona.


Maybe you wear your lucky watch to overcome your anxiety over cold emailing. Or if you want to finalize a super sales strategy, you’ll wear your fancy cashmere socks.


Todd Herman does it too. He creates a charismatic persona to help him with his public speaking struggles. To trigger this persona, he wears glasses (despite having excellent vision) to feel more articulate and distinguished.


We can’t always escape our insecurities 100% of the time. But to reach the results we want, we don’t need to. We just need to trigger our super personas for the moments when high performance matters.

You’re in control.


It’s easy to feel disappointed and frustrated by a slow-growing business.


But to stay that way? We both know that you’re better than that.


Fear. Confusion. These rob your confidence. Especially when you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, desperately climbing your way out.


But you deserve to be in control. To take control of your business and your life.


Todd Herman shares why process goals are important. You’re in full control of showing up everyday and doing the work.


And the climb can be arduous. Building a million dollar brand will test your limits and dedication.


All you need do is take it one big goal and 90 days at a time.


Guest Bio

Todd Herman is a high-performance coach and advisor to Olympic athletes, billionaires, and entrepreneurs. Among many successes in athletic and business coaching, he is the creator of the “90 Day Year”; in his own words, “a program for business owners who are frustrated with their level of performance and want a highly refined system to get out of their own way and see their business and personal leadership thrive”.


Show Notes

We’ve had so many amazing conversations with people over the years, so we’ve decided to go into our archive and bring back some of our favorite podcasts for you. In this Freedom Fast Lane replay, we learn from coach and advisor Todd Herman about structuring your productivity calendar and goals in ways that deliver you better results, in a faster and saner way.


Todd won’t deny the importance of a long-term vision for success. But achieving that vision through long-term goals is the wrong way to go about it. We need to stop chasing goals with year-long, five-year-long, or ten-year-long deadlines, and we should instead break down our quest into 90 day sprints.


Why 90 days?


It’s short enough to feel tangible and doable, while long enough to achieve a serious goal. You also take advantage of positive neurological feedback loops by bringing the rush of success from achieving your goals more quickly, giving you the drive to ramp up your business faster than ever.


How can you get started?


You pick one particular, high-impact skill or goal that, if you focused on honing right now, would deliver the best performance results. That’s your target for the next 90 days.


These can be outcome goals (e.g. losing X pounds in 90 days), performance goals (e.g. doubling Facebook followers in 90 days), or process goals (determining who will do what, when, and where, to enhance business clarity and momentum).


Don’t let long-term goals drag down your long-term vision. Break things down into 90 day sprints, and you’ll see results sooner.


Key takeaways:

  • Long-term vision is important, but long-term goals are inefficient at achieving that vision
  • Pick your most high-impact skill or goal, and focus on that for 90 days
  • These can be outcome goals, performance goals, or process goals.

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