Garrett Gunderson gave a great talk at Capitalism Conference 2017 about how to invest your money properly and save a ton of cash. There’s so much great information in his 50 minute talk that we can only cover some of the best tips here; you really need to check out the whole thing to make sure you’re not flushing tens of thousands of dollars (or more!) down the drain. Here are some of his awesome, actionable tips:

Focus, don’t diversify

Diversifying your investment portfolio makes no sense if you don’t think about why you’re putting your money where you’re putting it. The key is to focus in on a couple things that will actually pay off in the long-run, which means paying proper attention to your investments.

Compounding interest over decades is super slow

Anybody can invest in a safe plan with their bank, with a tiny bit of growth compounding over decades. That’s really slow wealth creation. Garrett prefers wealth acceleration, by taking advantage of high-return investments that will pay off in a few years, not a few decades.

Have a brainstorming session with your accountants

Look at all your annual expenditures, and meet with your CPAs to figure out how to write off as much as possible. Garrett’s written off housing expenses, travel expenses, and lots more by being creative but still working within the IRS’s regulations.

It was awesome getting all this great advice (and more) from Garrett!

Key takeaways:

  • Focus, don’t diversify
  • Compounding interest over decades is super slow, and
  • Have a brainstorming session with your accountants

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