This week we go over an awesome, detailed talk about getting the most out of advertising on Facebook.

Curt Maly gave us a ton of practical, actionable information in just one hour. So we wanted to make sure you got those strategies.

These tactics include harnessing organic content properly. Make sure you post quality posts on your Facebook page on a regular basis, then test out which type of content resonates with your target audiences by promoting it through Facebook’s ad system.

Don’t worry about your clickthrough rates. Clickers are like window shoppers; 90% of your purchases come from people who never click on your ads, but see your content.

Once you’ve used Facebook’s tracking tools to generate lists of audiences with various levels of engagement with your brand, Curt says to host Facebook Live events at least once every two weeks. Every few minutes, make a call-to-action; for example, asking people to say where they’re watching from in the comments below, or to comment with questions they have.

That interaction reduces your ad costs, because Facebook detects that you’re putting out stuff that other people finds valuable. It also adds new people to your engaged audience lists for further targeted ads.

Curt also urges us to use Facebook Messenger bots now, to automate communication with interested leads and get them to see more ad copy.

Curt gave us so much great tips in this talk. If you want to scale up your business and are looking for advertising advice, you can’t miss this incredible hour-long speech. Get into Facebook Ads the right way, before your competitors do.

Key takeaways:

  • Focus on generating relevant organic content, then testing its relevance by promoting it
  • 90% of your purchasers don’t click on your ads, so don’t focus on clicks
  • Host Facebook Lives for your audience with quality content and regular calls-to-action
  • Take a look at using Messenger bots