In this episode, Ryan Daniel Moran and JP Newman sit down with Professor Jeremy Suri to discuss how we as a nation might get out of the political divide and turmoil that we have seen over the last few years.

They discuss history, favorite presidents, and navigating conflict by focusing on values, not issues.

Jeremi Suri holds the Mack Brown Distinguished Chair for Leadership in Global Affairs at The University of Texas at Austin. He is a professor in the University's Department of History and the LBJ School of Public Affairs.

Dr. Suri is the author and editor of eleven books on contemporary politics and foreign policy, most recently Civil War By Other Means: America's Long and Unfinished Fight for Democracy.

His research and teaching have received numerous prizes. Smithsonian magazine named him one of America's "Top Young Innovators" in the arts and sciences.

In 2018 he received the Pro Bene Meritis Award for Contributions to the Liberal Arts. In the same year also received the President’s Associates Teaching Excellence Award from the University of Texas at Austin.

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