Ryan first met Kyle Carnohan when decided to invest in himself by joining the Capitalism Incubator. He could barely afford it with his income as a firefighter but he knew he wanted more out of life.

Today he lives with his family in a 10,000 sq ft mansion that costs $25,000/mo and he decided to host the Capitalist Pigs group at the most recent meet up.

So what changed?
He decided to embrace discomfort, tap into his purpose, and live a big life on a different level.

In this podcast Kyle & Ryan talk about how to channel your passion into sales and how to set and achieve big goals in business and in life.

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(0:30) - Ryan Introduction

(2:08) - Kyle Carnohan Interview Begins

(2:30) - Getting Started In The Capitalism Incubator 

(5:30) - Finding The Discipline To Build A Big Business 

(9:50) - The Importance Of Community & Mentors 

(11:20) - Paying For A $25,000/Mo Mansion In San Diego 

(15:40) - Family, God, And Business 

(22:40) - Leaving Firefighting To Start A Business

(27:20) - Handling Anxiety & Depression

(31:00) - Creating Leads With A Small Following

(32:40) - Ryan Takeaways & Conclusion