Mike Tecku is a serial entrepreneur who refuses to work more than a few hours a week.

After a big exit a few years ago, he is now building up a longevity health shake brand that he believes he can scale up to $100M... all while working 2 hours a day!

Ryan brought him on the podcast because this 1 product brand that is already doing $100k/mo and growing quickly seems to defy all of the brand building rules.

Mike shares how he has optimized this business for an amazing lifestyle of purpose and freedom and talks about his mindset for effortless success.

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(0:00) - Conviction & Success
(2:00) - Mike’s DJ business
(8:45) - Creating A Product You Want To See In The World
(12:00) - Shifting Your Identity
(20:14) - Momentum
(23:00) - Business & Creating Products As An Art Form
(28:00) - Creating Effortlessly
(31:00) - Self Transcendence
(35:00) - Arnold Schwarzenegger's Success Secret
(44:00) - Defining The Rules To The Game
(51:00) - Great Ideas Matter
(58:00) - What If Business Was Easy?
(1:01:00) - Finding The Internal Compass
(1:10:00) - Playing An Infinite Game